Class 11 English, Section II : Literature Unit - 1 Short Stories, Chapter - 6 Two Little Soldiers

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 Section II : Literature

Unit - 1 Short Stories

Class 11 English

Chapter - 6

Two Little Soldiers


Answer 👉 "Two Little Soldiers" by Guy de Maupassant is a short story that tells the tale of two young soldiers who are sent to the front lines of a war. The two soldiers, named Pierre and Jacques, are best friends and are both very young and inexperienced. Despite their youth, they are eager to fight for their country and to prove themselves as soldiers.

As they make their way to the front lines, Pierre and Jacques are filled with excitement and fear. They are eager to see what it's like to be a soldier and to fight for their country, but they are also afraid of the dangers that await them. They talk about their hopes and fears, and they share stories about their families and their childhoods.

When they finally reach the front lines, Pierre and Jacques are thrown into the heat of battle. They quickly realize that war is nothing like they imagined. The sights, sounds, and smells of war are overwhelming, and they are filled with fear. Despite their fear, they remain brave and fight on.

As the days pass, Pierre and Jacques experience the horrors of war. They see their fellow soldiers fall and they witness the destruction of their surroundings. They are filled with sorrow and regret, but they also feel a sense of camaraderie with their fellow soldiers.

One day, during a particularly fierce battle, Pierre is wounded and taken to a field hospital. Jacques remains at the front lines, but he is filled with worry and fear for his friend. He prays for Pierre's recovery and hopes that they will be reunited soon.

Eventually, Pierre recovers from his wounds and returns to the front lines. He is overjoyed to be reunited with his friend and they continue to fight together. Despite the horrors that they have experienced, they remain hopeful and optimistic about the future.

In the end, Pierre and Jacques are killed in battle. Despite their young age, they are remembered as two little soldiers who fought bravely for their country. Their bravery and selflessness is a testament to the power of friendship and the human spirit.

The story of Pierre and Jacques is a moving and powerful tale of the sacrifices that soldiers make in order to serve their country. It is a reminder of the horrors of war, but it is also a celebration of the bravery and spirit of the human soul.

Understanding the text

Answer these questions.

a. Why do the two soldiers spend their free time on Sundays away from the barrack out in the countryside?

Answer 👉 The two soldiers spend their free time on Sundays away from the barracks out in the countryside because they have found a spot which reminds them of home and they do not feel happy elsewhere.

b. Why does the girl become the topic of conversation for these soldiers?

Answer 👉 The girl becomes the topic of conversation of these soldiers because both of them have fallen in love with her.

c. Why does deception enter into their friendship?

Answer 👉 Deception enters into their friendship because Luc used to secretly leave the barracks to meet the girl without informing his friends.

d. Do you think that Luc is a betrayer of friendship?

Answer 👉 Yes I think that Luc is a betrayer of friendship as he has broken the faith of his friend Jean. He leaves the barracks without telling anything to his friend so that he can meet the countryside girl whom Jean loves equally.

e. What is the cause of suicide of Jean? Do you think that it was the only release of his love?

Answer 👉 The cause of suicide of Jean was his friend Luc because he is mentally disturbed by the love affair of his friend Luc with the girl whom he loves much. I don’t think suicide was the only one way to release his love. He could have expressed his feeling to the girl or could have moved on in his life accepting Luc’s love instead of committing suicide.

Reference to the context

a. What is the central theme of the story?

Answer 👉  The central theme of the story "Two Little Soldiers" is the destructive nature of unrequited love and its impact on friendship.

b. "What are you doing here? Are you watching the grass grow?"

i. Who is the speaker?

ii. What does the word “here” indicate?

iii. Who does “you” refer to?

Answer 👉  

i. The speaker is not specified in the text.

ii. The word "here" refers to the location where the person being addressed is currently situated.

iii. The "you" refers to the person being addressed by the speaker.

c. "He leaned--he--he was leaning--so far over--that his head carried him away-- and--he--fell--he fell----"

i. Who is the speaker?

ii. Why is the speaker speaking with interruption?

iii. What does he mean when he says “he--fell--he fell---”?

Answer 👉 i. The speaker is not specified in the text.

ii. The speaker is speaking with interruption because they are emotional or struggling to find the right words to describe what they are witnessing.

iii. The speaker means that the person they are referring to has fallen, possibly from a high place or while attempting to do something dangerous.

d. Two Little Soldiers can be viewed as a series of dramatic scenes. Describe the story as tragedy.

Answer 👉  The story can be viewed as a tragedy because it features the loss of a young man's life and the emotional toll it takes on those who care about him. The climax of the story, the suicide of Jean, is a tragic event that highlights the destructive nature of unrequited love.

e. What is the setting and style of the story?

Answer 👉  The setting of the story is a rural area near a military barracks, and the style is that of a realistic, emotional narrative.

f. How would you describe the conflict between the friends?

Answer 👉 The conflict between the friends is primarily emotional in nature, as Jean struggles with his feelings of unrequited love for a local girl and Luc, his friend, is unable to understand or help him through it. The conflict ultimately leads to Jean's suicide and the destruction of their friendship.

Reference beyond the text

a. Is it good to have conflict between friendship and love? Is it morally good that a person and his best friend can love the same person?

Answer 👉 Conflicts between friendship and love can be challenging and difficult to navigate. The moral stance on the situation would depend on one's personal beliefs and values. Some may argue that honesty and transparency are essential in any relationship, including friendships, and that expressing love for the same person should be done openly. Others may believe that loyalty to one's friend should take precedence, even if it means suppressing one's feelings for the same person. Ultimately, the situation is subjective and could go either way.

b. How would you describe the triangular love?

Answer 👉 Triangular love refers to a situation where three people are in a romantic relationship with each other. This type of relationship can be complex and challenging, as it often involves conflicting emotions and desires. It can result in hurt feelings, jealousy, and a breakdown of trust. In many cases, this type of relationship can lead to tension and conflict between the three individuals involved.

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