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If you are looking for the Grade 12 English Guide, This is the right place for you to read the class 12 English book and its Guide in the new syllabus. We always update new pdf books and guides as soon as the new Guide book is public. We also provide an official class of 12 books and guides released by the curriculum development center Nepal. This class 12 book is officially public in Bhadra 3 and we just make a guidebook for our class 12 students.

From this page, you can read the grade 12 English books and guide book direct and if you like to download a pdf we provide you a download option from this page also. 

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In the Class 12 book, there are 12 numbers of sections added. In the first section, you can read about language development. in the language development section, there are 20 different titles the first topic is Critical Thinking and Family is the second topic. We added the Class 12 English Guide full solution to all of these units.

You can also able to read about Sports on the third topic. Technology, Education, Money, and Economy, Humour Why do We Laugh, Human Culture, Ecology, and Environment, and Career Opportunities are also added as a topic in section one. 

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In unit 12 you also read about Animal World. Unit 13 is all about History. Units 14,15,16 and 17 are all about Human Rights, Leisure and Entertainment, Fantasy The Romance of a Busy Broker, and War and Peace. Unit 18 is all about the Music and Creation. Students can read about Migration and Diaspora in Unit 19. The last unit is all about Power and Politics. 

We all know about section 2 is all about Literature. Unit one is all about Short Stories. There is also 7 topic in the short stories unit. 1st one is Neighbours which store written by Tim Winton and you can read this book on page number 180 in the grade 12 English book. A Respectable Woman topic was written by Kate Chopin. A Devoted Son story is also added to this book. The Treasure in the Forest is of beautiful short stories. 

I really love this story personally. Lu Xun who wrote My Old Home short story also add to this new grade 12 book. The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun is one of the top and most famous stories and the last story is A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 

Unit 2 is all about the Poems. In this unit, you can read the following topic.

NumberTopicWriterPage Number
1A DayEmily Dickinson232
2Every Morning I WakeDylan Thomas234
3I Was My Own RouteJulia de Burgos236
4The Awakening AgeBen Okri239
5Soft StormAbhi Subedi241

Students most-read Essays in Unit Three. 1st essay is about On Libraries which write by Oliver Sacks. On page number 252 you can read Marriage as a Social Institution. Bertrand Russell who wrote Knowledge and Wisdom also added in class 12 English book on page number 257. Humility, Human Rights, and the Age of Inequality essay added in this Unit.

Unit 4 is the very last Unit for Grade 12 NEB Compulsory English and unit 4 is all about One-act Plays. In this unit, there is just 3 topic. 1st topic is all about A Matter for Husband. the second one is Facing Death and the last one is August Strindberg. That's it for the grade 12 compulsory English book pdf. 

All Unit Table of Content

Section One: language development

Section Two: Literature

Critical Thinking
Unit One: Short Stories
Family1. Neighbours
Sports2. A Respectable Woman
Technology3. A Devoted Son
Education4. The Treasure in the Forest
Money and Economy5. My Old Home
Humour Why do We Laugh6. The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha
Human Culture7. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
Ecology and EnvironmentUnit Two: Poems
Career Opportunities1. A Day
Hobbies2. Every Morning I Wake
Animal World3. I Was My Own Route
History4. The Awakening Age
Human Rights5. Soft Storm
Leisure and EntertainmentUnit Three: Essays
Fantasy The Romance of a Busy Broker1. On Libraries
War and Peace2. Marriage as a Social Institution
Music and Creation3. Knowledge and Wisdom
Migration and Diaspora4. Humility
Power and Politics5. Human Rights and the Age of Inequality
Unit Four: One-act Plays
1. A Matter for Husband
2. Facing Death
3. The Bull


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the Class 12 English book?

Class 12 Compulsory English Book was written by Dr. Bam Dev Adhikari, Mr. Khum Prasad Sharma, and Mr. Bal Bahadur Thapa.

How many Units in Grade 12 English Book?

20 Units in Section one and 4 Units in section 2.

What are the maximum marks for class 12 English Book?

The full mark is 100 for class 12 English students.

How many pages are in the grade 12 Compulsory English Book Book?

In the grade 12 English book, There is a total of 300 pages.

What is the full form of NEB?

"National Examinations Board" is the full form of NEB.

How to download this on mobile as an application?

If you want to download this app on your mobile phone just follow this link to download the app from the play store. or download direct from this link.

Disclaimer: This Book is Openly available on many websites on the internet. Curriculum Development Center Nepal also makes this openly available for all. We have input this pdf only for help to reach this book to students and teachers. We respect The work from the publisher . If anyone has any issue with this pdf book please email us at - "[email protected]". 

The process to Read Compulsory English PDF 2079 Guide Book.

Step - 1
Go to your browser and search "pujakandel.com.np".

Step - 2
Click in google first result and follow step 3

Step - 3
After the website is loaded, just find out the search screen and type "class 12 English Guide" press the search screen and click on the first page, and open the article.

Step - 4
Find out the Download PDF option wait for some seconds and download the pdf file for free of cost.

If you search for a grade 12 solution book, we have a solution for that also. Just visit our home page and search "class 12 English book solution" and you can find the full solutions for grade 12 students and teachers. We are also working on Model questions also so keep visiting our site daily. We also make apps for your android mobile so please visit our google play apps and download any apps you need for free of cost. Our team is working hard for providing you best of the best content for users who visits our website daily. if you have any suggestions please contact us on our contact us page.

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from this page design also for the teacher so download or read class 12 teacher guide pdf for free of cost.

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