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If you are searching for the grade 12 Nepali new syllabus guide book this is the right place for you because from this page you can get the class 12 Nepali book pdf for free of cost. We always update the download link when NEB Nepal changes the syllabus so just bookmark us and get a regular update. Just scroll down below and download the Nepali book and Nepali guide to your mobile or PC for free of cost. There are only 12 units in class 12 Nepali book

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Table of content inside the class 12 Nepali Book

Chapter Number Chapter Name Genre Page Number
Chapter 1 Amako Sapana Poem 1
Chapter 2 Birahini Damayanti story 14
Chapter 3 Ghanaghasya ko ukalo katda Travelogue 29
Chapter 4 Byabasayik Patra Commercial Letter 42
Chapter 5 Ek chihaan Epic 59
Chapter 6 Stephen Willian Hawkings Biography 68
Chapter 7 Hamilai bolauchan Himchuli Poem 83
Chapter 8 Matrittwo story 95
Chapter 9 Grokhe story 113
Chapter 10 Nepali Pahichan Dialogue 125
Chapter 11 Sahakari Essay 135
Chapter 12 Jiban Marga Report 157
Parishistha 175

We know that first chapter is amako sapana this is a beautiful poem. The second chapter is about a story which start from page number 14 to 28 and its tital is Birahini Damayanti. chapter 3 start from page number 29 and its about Ghanaghasya ko ukalo katda and this genre is travelogue. You can also find commercial letter genre in nepali book. This is in chapter 4 and its all about Byabasayik Patra. Students can also able to read Ek chihaan which is in page number 59 to 67. You never feel bored when you read this Epic. from page number 68 you can read beautiful biography about Stephen Willian Hawkings. 
There are total 2 poem in nepali book pdf , We already told that first one is Amako Sapana and second one is Hamilai bolauchan Himchuli. Student can read second poem from chapter 6 which chapter finde in page number 83. You never feel bored because there ae 3 story in this book and chapter 8 is also about a story which story name is Matrittwo. In page 113 you can read Grokhe story. This is one of my favorite story. I don't know you believe or not in this pdf book there is a dialogue genre also which is 9 page long. This is not a economic book but if you grade 12 student you need to read about Sahakari . This is a beautiful essay and the last chapter is Jiban Marga.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where to download the class 12 Nepali book guide PDF?

We are hearing for solving your problem. Just remember our website pujakandel.com.np and find relative articles and scroll down and download the book for free.

Download grade 12 Nepali guidebook pdf is free?

Yes, We never ask for money to download this book.

Is this a new Syllabus?

Yes, This is a very new syllabus for class 12 students.

How to get other books for class 12?

Don't worry, This is a website that solved all of your problems. Just visit our home page and search for any book and download it.

Is there Nepali notebook, model question answer?

Yes, we provide you with the model questions with answers and we also add a notebook on our website.

Is this Book Work in Mobile?

Yes you can read nepal book from your android and ios device . just visit this page from your mobile and read any book you like. Reading book from mobile phone is little hard and feel boring for this problem we provide you most beautiful android app for android phone user . Just visit this link and download nepali book from your mobile phone for free. You can also get note book and model question from that link. This app is beautiful degin so you never feel bored when reading book online.

Is this Nepal Book PDF work in Laptop/PC?

Yes, why not? This is more simple than on a mobile phone because on a PC or Laptop, there is a very big screen compared with a mobile so your reading is so simple in a PC. Just download this pdf from our website and read the book any time you like. When you wants to read book just open that downloaded file and read any time you wants. If you don't like to download pdf file , just bookmark and visit this page any time you likes. Super easy. isn't it?

How to Download PDF Book?
This is a very simple process to download a book. 
Step 1 
Go to pujakandel.com.np home page. You will get all kind of books from our website so keep visit us.

Step 2
After home page load just type "class 12 nepali book pdf" in search option. 

Step 3
Just go to the first link article and scroll down and download your pdf for free. This is totally free to download. If you don't want to download a book just read the full content from that page.

That's it. Just close your book and read with smart because we provide you most valuable content on your mobile or your PC. We all know that reading a book is a very boring thing but if you use a mobile or laptop it's a very interesting thing. Read Nepali books anytime and anywhere you like. if you face any kind of issue when reading and downloading from this website please contact us any time you like. 

 Class 12 Nepali book Teacher Guide

The teacher guide is essential to the tech book for grade 12 students. From this page, you can get a teacher guide pdf for free. This is an official PDF provided by CDC Nepal. Just download and enjoy.

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