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We know that you are searching for a class 12 social studies book pdf. Right? Don't worry, we have a solution for that because from this page you get a google drive direct download link. We added a very new syllabus for grade 12 students and teachers. forget your book now wherever it is just remember our website and bookmarks us to read book online for free. If you download a pdf file on your PC or mobile phone you can read this book offline also. Reading online is easier and more interesting than book reading. 
This is an official pdf book download from CDC. Just download and read from our official website. Sanothimi, Bhaktapur CDC office developed this textbook.
Social studies Book is one of the best books to read because this book contains useful in our daily life. 

About Class 12 Social Studies Book Guide

This book is made for class 12 students. In this book, there are 11 Units. This is a beautiful design by the CDC office. Social book is more practical in daily life. There are total of 353 pages in this book. This book is in the Nepali version so reading is more interesting. Samajik Adhyan Tatha Jeevan Upyogi Siksha is the name of this book. this is not a compulsory subject for grade 12 students. This is just an optional subject.  

Class 12 Social Studies Solution Video

Table of content for social book pdf grade 12

Unit Chapter Name Page Number
Unit 1 Samajik tatha jibanopayogi Sikshyako aawadharada 1
Unit 2 Jibanopayogi sipaka rupama digital sipaharu tatha samanya anusandhan sipaharu 9
Unit 3 Jibanopayogi sip 47
Unit 4 Samajako bikash ra darshan 74
Unit 5 bhugal ra samajik jiban 102
Unit 6 Nepalko Etihas 147
Unit 7 Samajik Pahichan ra bibhadata 192
Unit 8 Sambidhan ra nagarik sachetana 225
Unit 9 Saharikarad ra basahisarahi 265
Unit 10 rArthatantra ra bikash 298
Unit 11 Sikshya ra samajik bikash 336

We always update this book from time to time so bookmarks us to view the latest book for the future. We also add solutions and model question answers so keep visiting our website for new content. 

FAQ -  Frequently Asked Questions

Is Social Studies Book is compulsory Subject?

No, This is just an optional subject for grade 12 students.

What are the full marks?

A total of 100 numbers is the full marks for social book grade 12.

How to get a notebook for the social book?

Just visit our home page and search for any notebook you like. We always update our content so visit our homepage for more content.

Is this book free?

Yes, Always free. Government of Nepal announcement for a free book from 1 class to 12 classes. so downloading a pdf book is totally free of cost.

The process to download Pdf Book

Step - 1
If you visit this post carefully you can find out download pdf option just find that button first.

Step - 2
Just click the download button and wait some seconds for the load page after successfully loaded just click the download button and download a free pdf

Step - 3
If you like to read this book without downloading just visit google drive content and read it for free.

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