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Class 9 English Guide

In this post you will get class 9 English soluction. Because it is widely spoken and understood by the educated populace, English is important in Nepal. In addition to being the official language of government and business, it serves as a medium of instruction in schools and colleges. To increase their chances of finding better employment and advancing their careers, many Nepalese people work to enhance their English language abilities. CDC Nepali makes this as a compulsory subject for class 9 students and teachers.  Since Nepal is a well-known hiking and tourist destination, English is also essential for communicating with tourists. Furthermore, it is crucial for Nepal to have a strong command of English because it is the official language in international business, commerce, and trade. In conclusion, the use of English is crucial for Nepal's economy, tourism, and international trade.

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Class 9 English Solution

This is the updated solution. This full solution currently is in the android application. The download link provides below.

sample of class 9 English solution 

Unit - 2 
Health and Hygiene

C. Answer the following questions.
a. What is telehealth service?
Answer- Telehealth is a method of providing medical care remotely, usually through video chat.

b. What are the advantages of using telehealth programs?
Answer- The advantages of telehealth programs are that these services are faster, safer, more effective, and less expensive in the long run. especially during a time like the COVID-19 pandemic, where telehealth allows access to medical care without going to hospitals to protect patients.

c. Why, according to Dr. Chang, is the telehealth service growing
Answer- According to Dr. Chang, the telehealth service is growing rapidly due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of medical professionals when demand is increasing every year.

d. How is the telehealth program important during a pandemic?
Answer- The pandemics require strong social distancing and minimal physical contact. In addition to this, there appear the shortages of beds and medical facilities. In such conditions, the telehealth program is important in a pandemic time.

e. Why are the patients in remote areas not getting adequate health services?
Answer- Good infrastructures to implement telehealth, sufficient hardware, the right technology for each specialty, and reliable networking infrastructures are lacking in remote areas. Because of this reason, patients in remote areas are not getting adequate health services.

f. Mention the top three challenges of telehealth services.
Answer- The top three challenges behind telehealth services are as follows: 
  • Lack of infrastructure to implement telehealth successfully
  • The right technology for each specialty
  • Insufficient hardware

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