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Class 8 English Guide

For Nepali kids in class 8, the English language textbook is crucial. Students may use it as a base to build their language proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. As a solid command of English is necessary for success in many sectors, it aids students in becoming ready for their future academic pursuits and professional endeavors. Students in class 8 who have exposure to a range of texts and subjects, including literature, grammar, and vocabulary, can develop their analytical and critical thinking abilities.

The material in the book on Nepal's history and culture may also aid pupils in understanding and appreciating their own culture. Additionally, it might be a tool for enhancing a student's communication abilities.

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Class 8 English Solution

We provide a class 8 full solution for all grade 8 teachers and students. This is currently in the android app so use it after download.

The solution sample is given below.

Unit - 1 Travelogue Soluction

Read and answer

1.    Read the text again and answer these questions.

(a) Where did the writer go on holiday?

Answer: The Writer went to ghale gaun holiday.

(b) How many members were there on the journey? Who were they?

Answer: There were 3 members in the journey, They were the writer, his father and mother

(c)Where was the writer from?

Answer: The Writer was from Birgunj.

(d) Did the writer like Ghale Gaun? How do you know ?

Answer: Yes, the writer likes Ghale Gaun, he still has the memory of ghale gaun.

(e) How were the writer and her parents treated in Ghale Gaun ?

Answer: The writer and his parents were treated with good hospitality.

Class 8 English Full Book PDF

"CDC" typically stands for "Curriculum Development Center," which is an organization responsible for developing educational materials for schools. class 8 English book full pdf file is given below. 

For class 8 students, English is regarded as a crucial language for pupils. It is the main tongue used in international trade, instruction, and communication. It is also the second tongue that is taught the most frequently. For Nepali students, having a solid command of the English language may lead to a variety of educational and professional options. Additionally, learning English in Nepal can improve pupils' comprehension of and interaction with their environment.

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