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Class 7 English Guide

English Books are crucial tools for students because they offer information, direction, and inspiration. A book guide is a great tool for students because it enables them to sort through the enormous quantity of material accessible and locate the books that are most pertinent to and helpful for their academic work. In addition to assisting students in selecting the appropriate books to read, it also gives them the underlying knowledge and context necessary to completely comprehend and enjoy the subject matter. An English guide can also aid students in honing their analytical and evaluative thinking abilities by challenging them to assess the data offered in the books they read. Generally speaking, a English book guide is a valuable tool for students since it enables them to study more efficiently.

Class 7 Full Unit Solution Video

English Solution Class 7

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Sample of the class 7 English solution book app is given below

Unit - 1

Reading I

A Job Interview
a. Who do you think these people are?
Answer - The man can be the person who can be a job seeker.

b. What do you think they are doing?
Answer - I think they are having a conversation about the job. 

c. Who do you think the interviewee is? Why?
Answer - "Answer this question in the classroom"

A. Match the words in column 'A' with their meanings in column 'B'.
a. traffic-------------------v. the vehicles that are on a road
b. interview---------------iii. a formal meeting in which somebody is asked questions
c. position-----------------i. post
d. department------------ii. a section of a large organization
e. part-time---------------iv. for part of the day or week

B. Write True or False for the following statements.
a. John and Mike are talking in the afternoon.
Answer - False

b. The traffic was lighter in the morning.
Answer - True

c. Mike works as the manager.
Answer - True

d. John is still studying at a college.
Answer - True

e. John is doing a part-time job.
Answer - True

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