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Class 6 English Guide 2079

finding a guidebook is very hard for Nepali students and teachers. We are here for solved this issue. CDC Nepal makes this class 6 English guide. The Nepali publishing firm CDC Nepal has had a considerable influence on the country's literary scene. Since its founding in 2007, the business has played a leading role in advancing and disseminating Nepali literature, including fiction and non-fiction. Numerous genres, including politics, travel, history, sociology, and cultural studies are covered in the books they have produced.
CDC Nepal's dedication to quality is among its most noteworthy assets. Prior to publishing, the firm devotes a significant amount of time and money to editing and polishing the manuscripts, guaranteeing that the final result is of the greatest caliber. As one of the most reputable publishing firms in Nepal, CDC Nepal has been known for its commitment to quality.

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The process of updating the curriculum and textbooks is routine. The English curriculum and textbook have undergone several revisions to reflect the most recent advancements in the discipline of English Language Teaching. Following the same pattern, this textbook was created using the Basic Level Education (Grades 6-8) Curriculum, 2077, which was created in accordance with the National Curriculum Framework, 2076.

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Unit - 1

A. Look at the pictures and say who they are and what they do.
(please view pictures from your book)

who they are?

👉 :- They are carpenter, doctor, students, and player.

what they do ? 

👉:- The carpenter is making furniture.

The doctor is examining a patient. 

The students are going to their school.

The player is running.

B. Listen and sing.

C. Who do you like most? Introduce him/her to your class.

a. person who writes drama or plays

👉 Playwright

b. an outstanding piece of work

👉 - masterpiece

c. followed

👉 - adopted

d. an event marking a unique or important historical change

👉 - landmark

e. died

👉 - passed away

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English Solution Class 6

A team of experts, including Dr. Gopal Prasad Pandey, Mr. Shankar Adhikari, Mr. Nabin Kumar Khadka, Mr. Nim Prakash Singh Rathaur, Mr. Parshu Ram Tiwari, Mr. Raju Shrestha, Mr. Pashupati Pandey, and Mr. Ananda Dhungana, revised this textbook, which was originally written by Prof. Dr. Arun Gupto, Mr. Khagendra Prasad Nepal The textbook underwent a full year of testing in 2077 BC, and a change was produced in response to instructor input and criticisms. The textbook also contains feedback from additional stakeholders.
sincerely thank each and every one of them. The Center also wants to thank all the sources from which the texts and assignments were taken and modified.

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Although much effort has been taken to make the book engaging, practical, and beneficial for all readers, teachers can modify the assignments to fit the needs and circumstances of their particular class. Although this textbook can serve as the main source of information for classroom instruction, teachers are advised to use additional materials to support their students' language acquisition. This learning tool should assist students in achieving the competencies and learning goals indicated in the curriculum if used appropriately and as intended.

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