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Class 5 English Guide 2079

This blog has contributed to our efforts to align your excitement (both as students and instructors) with the ever-evolving Nepalese school curriculum. As we adhere to the Ubuntu ideal of "I as We and We as I," we have also been encouraged by instructors to create blogs, articles, lesson plans, teaching and learning materials, ideas, experiences, and opinions.
The schools in Nepal that adhere to the national curriculum have recently modified and adopted the new grade 5 curriculum.

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The development and revision of school curriculum and textbooks is intended to:
to give education a purpose, make it relevant, and make it useful. education ought to
convey to the pupils the needed information and abilities. In addition to this, it
teaches moral principles and virtues like discipline and patriotism.

self-reliance and fundamental language, math, scientific, and informational skills
tion and wellbeing. In addition to this, pupils are anticipated to value the arts, tolerance for many languages, faiths, and cultural traditions. In connection with this,
A rising number of people want English to begin from the beginning of
primary instruction The government made the decision to implement
Beginning with the academic year 2003, English was introduced as a subject in Grade One.

English Solution Class 5

Unit - 1 
Expressing wants

B. Answer the following questions.
i. What did the old man want to do?
Answer - The old man wanted to dig up the garden and
plant the potatoes.

ii. How many sons did the old man have?
Answer - The old man had only one son.

ii. Where was Babbu?
Answer - Babbu was in prison.

iv. Why did the son tell his father not to dig up the garden?
Answer - The son told his father not to dig up the garden because he
wanted the police to dig it up instead of his old father.

v.Why did local police dig up the entire area?
The local police dug up the entire area to find dead bodies.

Parts of a formal letter
1. Your address
2. The date
3. The name and address of the person whom you are
4. The greeting
5. subject
6. The body of the letter
7. The ending
8. Signature

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