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Class 4 English Guide 2079

The curriculum serves as the main road map for education and outlines the requirements for both teaching and learning. The major instrument used to deliver the curriculum is a textbook. It is customary to update the curriculum and textbooks to keep it current and relevant. relevant, helpful, high-quality, and beneficial for a person's entire growth.

This textbook, "English Grade 4," was created to fulfill the key objectives of Basic Education, including fostering an interest in the arts and aesthetic principles as well as developing the core abilities of basic reading and life skills. It is fully designed in compliance with the new Basic Level English Curriculum, 2077, and is in line with the objectives pursued by the National Curriculum Framework for School Education, 2076.

Class 4 English Book Solution in Video

English Solution Class 4

UNIT - 1 Solution

2. Look at the picture and answer these questions.

(please view this picture in your book)

a. Who do you think these people are?
Answer - Teacher and Students.

b. Where do you think they are?
Answer - They are in the school.

c. What do you think they are doing?
Answer - They are talking to each other.

A. Learn these expressions.
c. It’s me, .........
Answer - It’s me, your name

B. Complete the following sentences and solve the puzzle.
1. He says................... to his father and mother in the morning.
Answer - Good Morning

2. ..................my friend, Arnav.
Answer - Meet

3. May I ................... myself?
Answer - introduce

4. See you ...................
Answer - Again

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