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Class 3 English Guide 2079

In order to meet national requirements and expectations and advance educational objectives, the Curriculum Development Center (CDC) regularly updates curricula and textbooks. The 2019 National Curriculum Framework is the foundation of the new Basic Level Curriculum (Grades 1-3), which was produced using an integrated methodology. In 100 schools throughout the nation during the 2077–2078 academic year BS, the grade three workbook and curriculum were both piloted. Based on the input received from several stakeholders, this worksheet has been revised and modified. The book is divided into 10 multi-disciplinary and topical subjects. The linguistic functions and competencies listed in the curriculum are included. As a textbook, this book may be used as a workbook.

Class 3 English Guide Video

This is the full unit guide video for class 3 students and teachers.

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English Solution Class 3

Unit - 1

My Lovely Family

Match the opposites.

old --------------- young






Complete the table.
Ana -------------------- eight years old.
Laura ------------------ Ana's mother
peter-------------------Ana's father.
Tim--------------------Ana's brother
David------------------a seven-month baby.
Olivia-----------------Ana's aunt.
Richard and William-Ana,s uncles
Pirate------------------Ana's pet dog.

Answer the following questions.
a. What is the girl's name?
Answer - The girl's name is Ana.

b. Is Ana British?
Answer - No, She is not.

c. Who is Pirate?
Answer - Pirate is Ana's pet dog.

d. How old is Tim?
Answer - Tim is three years old.

e. Who does Ana love?

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The book has been designed to be reader-friendly. The instructor must take on the role of It requires a facilitator to be used in the classroom effectively. In accordance with their particular settings, they can also use additional grade-appropriate projects.

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