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Class 2 English Guide 2079

A team led by Dr. Gopal Prasad Pandey edited and updated this book, which was originally created by a group that included Prof. Dr. Laxman Gnawali, Mr. Shankar Adhikari, Mr. Nabin Kumar Khadka, Mr. Nim Prakash Singh Rathaur, and Mr. Ramesh Dhakal. The group

Among them were Mr. Pashupati Pandey, Mr. Ananda Dhungana, Mr. Raju Shrestha, Mr. Parshuram Tiwari, Mr. Shankar Adhikari, Mr. Nabin Kumar Khadka, Mr. Nim Prakash Singh Rathaur, Mr. Likewise, Mr. Rudra Prasad Adhikari and Ms. Mukta Pokharel contributed to the book's language and substance. For the same reason, Mr. Keshab Prasad Dahal, Mr. Tukaraj Adhikari, Prof. Dr. Bal Mukunda Bhandari, Dr. Ganga Ram Gautam, Mr. Purna Bahadur Lamichhane, Mr. Gangadhar Hada, Mr. Mahendra Kumar Shrestha, Ms. Rani Jha. help to write this English class 2 book.

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Class 2 English Virtual Class

English Solution Class 2

Unit - 1
Complete the text about your family.

My name is ........
Answer - Rita.
 I live in a........ (big/small) family.
Answer - small   
My mother's name is 
Answer -  .....
 My father's name is  . 
Answer - .....
I have a sister/sisters and a brother/brothers.

Make your family profile.
First of the collect photos of your family member and write names under the photo.
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An attempt has been made to make the book learner-friendly. The teacher needs to act as a facilitator to make its effective use in the classroom. They can also employ other grade-appropriate tasks according to their specific contexts.

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