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Class 1 English Guide 2079

The book is organized under eleven multidisciplinary themes and incorporates the competencies and language functions outlined in the curriculum. Due to this, it is expected to help in the integrated teaching and learning process. This book can be used as a textbook as well as a workbook.
The Curriculum Development Center (CDC) regularly updates curriculum and textbooks to ensure that education is relevant to evolving contexts. The newly constructed Basic Level Curriculum (Grades 1-3), which was created as an integrated form, is based on the guiding principles in keeping with tradition.

the 2019 National Curriculum Framework The curriculum and the first-grade book were both piloted in more than 100 schools across the nation in the academic year 2076 BS to determine their applicability and feasibility. As a result of input from many stakeholders, the curriculum has been modified. Similar to how the new integrated curriculum was used to enhance this book, pilot testing input was also taken into consideration.

Class 1 English Education Materials

Lesson 1 

Me and My Family

Listen and say.

Point (to the same pictures in each row).

This class 1 full English solution is in an android application download it and start your learning.

An attempt has been made to make this book accessible and learner friendly. In order to make its eff ective use, the teacher needs to be a facilitator in the classroom. The Centre believes that it will also work as a self-access learning resource for the students.

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