Class 5 My Science, Health and Physical Education Guide Part 1 - Science Lesson 11 - Cloud Solution

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Class 5 My Science, Health and Physical Education Guide

Part 1 - Science

Lesson 11 - Cloud

1. Put a tick (√) if the statement is correct and a cross (×) if it is wrong.
Answer 👉 
a. The cloud that looks like fog is stratus. (√)
b. Cumulus cloud is found very high in the sky. (×)
c. Small drops of water in the water vapour together form cloud. (√)
d. The cloud found very low in the sky is brown in colour. (√)

2. Fill in the blanks with the correct words.
Answer 👉 
a. The cloud which has greater amount of ice is cirrus.
b. The water vapour becomes cooler in the atmosphere and form small drops of water.
c. The lower part of the stratus is thin.
d. Nimbus is dark brown in colour and causes rainfall.

3. Answer the following questions in short.
a. How is the cloud formed? write.
Answer 👉 Cloud is formed when water from the earth's surface evaporates into the atmosphere due to the heat of the sun. As the water vapor rises, it cools down and forms tiny droplets of water or ice crystals which clump together to form clouds.

b. What type of cloud causes shadow on the Earth? Explain.
Answer 👉 Cumulus clouds cause shadows on the Earth. The upper part of these clouds looks like a ball similar to the cauliflower and it is white. When the sunlight falls on it, the upper part looks bright and the lower part looks dark. This cloud blocks the sunlight and creates a shadow on the Earth. When cumulus clouds become thick and dark, they can cause rain and thunderstorms.

c. Give a short introduction of the cloud that causes lightening and thunder.
Answer 👉 Nimbus clouds are dark brown and thick. The lower part of this cloud contains much water vapor, and it does not have a definite shape. If it covers the sky thickly, it can cause downpours and bearing rainfall, along with thunder and lightning.

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