Class - 5 My Science, Health and Physical Education Guide Part 1 - Science Lesson 9 - Sources of Energy Solution

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My Science, Health and Physical Education Guide

Part 1 - Science

Lesson 9 - Sources of Energy

1. Put a tick (√) if the statement is correct and a cross (×) if it is wrong.

Answer 👉 

a. Coal is a renewable source of energy. (×)

b. Heat and light are obtained from the Sun and from the burning objects. (√)

c. Heat and light can not be obtained from electric energy. (×)

d. A magnet attracts the objects made of iron. (√)

e. Electricity is generated from the current of moving water. (√)

2. Fill in the blanks with correct words.

Answer 👉 

a. All the animals get energy from food.
b. Plants prepare their food from heat and light energy obtained from the Sun.
c. Sound comes from vibrations.
d. Iron and steel objects can be identified with the help of a magnet.

3. Answer the following questions in short.
a. What is meant by renewable source of energy?
Answer 👉 Renewable sources of energy are those sources that can be replenished naturally in a short period of time, such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal energy.

b. From the following sources of energy, categorize them
into renewable and non-renewable sources of energy:
i. coal ii. petrol iii. wind iv. biogas v. sun vi. diesel
Answer 👉  Renewable sources of energy: wind, biogas, sun. Non-renewable sources of energy: coal, petrol, diesel.

c. What are the five forms of energy? Write.
Answer 👉 The five forms of energy are: thermal, kinetic, potential, chemical, and electrical energy.

d. What is the use of energy in daily life?
Answer 👉 Energy is used in daily life for various purposes such as cooking, transportation, lighting, heating, and cooling.

e. “The sun is the main source of energy”, Why?
Answer 👉 The sun is the main source of energy because it produces vast amounts of heat and light, which drive the Earth's climate, weather patterns, and biological processes.

f. Write any four measures to conserve energy.
Answer 👉 Four measures to conserve energy are:
  1. Use energy-efficient appliances and lighting
  2. Reduce, reuse, and recycle
  3. Opt for public transportation, walking, or cycling instead of using personal vehicles
  4. Use renewable sources of energy like solar or wind power.

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