Class 5 My Science, Health and Physical Education Guide : Part 2 - Health Education Lesson 13 - Smoking Solution

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Class 5 My Science, Health and Physical Education Guide

Part 2 - Health Education

Lesson 13 - Smoking

1. Fill in the blanks with correct words.
Answer 👉 
a. Smoking means the consumption of tobacco materials.
b. If pregnant women smoke, it also affects the babies in the womb.
c. Tobacco contains nearly 4000 kinds of harmful and poisonous chemicals.
d. The harmful elements in the tobacco cause diseases like: asthma, cancer, heart disease, dental diseases etc.
e. I advise my family members not to smoke.

2. Match the words in column ‘A’ with their descriptions in column ‘B’.
Answer 👉 
Column ‘A’ -------Column ‘B’
(a) Dry tobacco --(c) dry tobacco consumed by chewing
(b) Cigarette------- (a) the object used to inhale smoke
(c) Cancer ---------(f) the disease caused by smoking that can appear after a long time
(d) Cough -----------(b) the problem that appears shortly after smoking
(e) Nicotine --------(e) harmful element found in tobacco.

3. Answer the following questions in short.
a. What is smoking?
Answer 👉 Smoking is the consumption of tobacco materials by inhaling the smoke or chewing it.

b. Write any four immediate effects of smoking.
Answer 👉 Four immediate effects of smoking are coughing, bad breath, decreased appetite, and increased heart rate.

c. Write any five techniques of avoiding smoking.
Answer 👉 Five techniques of avoiding smoking are making a commitment not to smoke, keeping distance from smokers, advising family members to quit smoking if they smoke, declaring a no-smoking zone, and participating and encouraging others to participate in publicizing against smoking.

d. How do people adopt the bad habit of smoking? Write any three examples.
Answer 👉 People adopt the bad habit of smoking by not knowing its harmful effects, imitating others, or following rumors.

e. Write the names of any five harmful elements found in tobacco.
Answer 👉  Five harmful elements found in tobacco are nicotine, tobacco tar, carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde.

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