Class 8 English Guide 2080 : Unit 2 A Father's Letter to His Son Guide

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Class 8 English Guide

Unit 2

A Father's Letter to His Son Guide
Reading l
A. Solve the crossword puzzle with the help of the given meanings.
 Answer 👉 

9- Sunglasses
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B. Write who made these remarks and for what purpose.
Answer 👉  

a. Is it OK if I go on my own? - The boy, asking for permission to go alone.
b. Please let me go by myself. - The boy, requesting to be allowed to go alone.
c. May I take them, please? - The boy, asking permission to take his swimming goggles and swimming suit.
d. Okay but always go swimming with your grandparents.- The boy's mother, gives permission but emphasizes the importance of swimming with his grandparents.
e. Would it be alright if I took sunglasses and mufflers for them? - The boy, asking for permission to take sunglasses and mufflers for his grandparents.


Class 8 English Guide
Unit 2
A Father's Letter to His Son Guide

C. Answer the following questions.
a. Where did the boy want to visit?
Answer 👉 The boy wanted to visit the place where his grandparents lived.
b. How long would the boy live with his grandparents?
Answer 👉 The boy would stay with his grandparents for fifteen to twenty days.
c. Why did the parents not want to let him go alone at first?
Answer 👉 The parents did not want to let him go alone at first because they were worried about his safety.
d. Do you think that the boy was loving and caring? Why?
Answer 👉 Yes, I think the boy was loving and caring because he wanted to take sunglasses and mufflers for his grandparents suggests that he was loving and caring.
e. What did the boy tell his father before the announcement?
Answer 👉 Before the announcement, the boy assured his father that he remembered everything and kindly requested him not to worry.
f. Why do you think the boy felt relaxed at last?
Answer 👉 The boy felt relaxed at last because he received reassurance and a sense of companionship through his father's letter.
D. If you were the boy, what else would you ask your parents to take with you? Talk to your friends.
Answer 👉 If I were the boy, I would ask my parents to pack a diary and a pen so that I could write some notes on the way. Likewise, I would tell them to provide me a mobile phone so that I could use the google map of the location and make vlog on the way.

Grammar I
B. Change the following statements into yes/no questions,
a. He loves this town.
Answer 👉 Does he love this town?

b. They always play football.
Answer 👉 Do they always play football?

c. She can fly an airplane.
Answer 👉 Can she fly an airplane?

d. There are some smart students in the school.
Answer 👉 Are there some smart students in the school?

e. They went to the river yesterday.
Answer 👉 Did they go to the river yesterday?

f.  She spends her money on books.
Answer 👉 Does she spend her money on books?

g He decided to leave the town.
Answer 👉 Did he decide to leave the town?

h. She goes to bed early.
Answer 👉 Does she go to bed early?

i, They should rewrite their homework.
Answer 👉  Should they rewrite their homework?

j. He was born in India.
Answer 👉 Was he born in India?

Reading ll
Changing World (Poem)
A. Learn these words from the poem and complete the sentences using them.
a. Great people always........... their mistake.
Answer 👉 realize
b. The meal was very delicious............
Answer 👉 indeed
c. Excessive use of electronic devices has negative........... on our mental health.
Answer 👉 impacts
d. Thank you for your offer but I cannot............... my mind.
Answer 👉 change
e. Our exam is approaching but I cannot.......... on my studies.
Answer 👉 focus
B. Answer these questions.
a. Why do you think the poet wants to change himself?
Answer 👉 I think, the poet wants change himself because he realizes that it is impossibe to change the world without changing himself.
b. Why does the poet feel sorry in the poem?
Answer 👉 The poet feels sorry because he realizes that if he had changed himself earlier, he could have made a bigger difference in the world.
c. What does the poet realise when he grew old?
Answer 👉 As the poet grew old, he realises that he can only change himself and not the outside world.
d. If the poet had changed himself, what could have happened?
Answer 👉 If the poet had changed himself earlier, he believes it could have influenced his family, town, nation, and even the world.
e. Is changing the world easy or tough? Give your opinions.
Answer 👉 Changing the world is not easy. The poet's realization indicates that creating significant change is difficult and requires personal growth and transformation.

C. How can we change ourselves and society? Discuss. 
Answer 👉 We have to transform ourselves first to change ourselves and the society. We should have empathy, collaboration, self-realization, self-reflection and sustainable development for that.

 Writing II

B. Imagine you are the headteacher. Write a reply email responding to the request made by Kabir Jha to use the hall.

Answer 👉 

Subject: Permission to Use the Hall

Dear Kabir Jha,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your request to use the school hall. I appreciate your interest in utilizing our facilities for your upcoming event. After careful consideration, I am pleased to inform you that we are granting you permission to use the hall for the specified date and time.

Please note that the use of the school hall comes with certain responsibilities. I kindly request that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Respect the premises: Ensure that the hall is left clean and tidy after your event. Remove any decorations or materials that were brought in.
  • Safety and security: Take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all attendees. Any equipment or props brought in must be used responsibly and in compliance with the safety regulations.
  • Time management: Start and conclude your event within the agreed-upon time slot. This will allow for smooth transitions between activities and minimize disruption to other school functions.
  • Permission and supervision: Ensure that all participants have appropriate permission to be on school premises and provide adequate supervision throughout the event, especially if minors are involved.

We trust that you will handle the arrangements responsibly and promote a positive experience for all involved. Should you require any further assistance or have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or the designated school staff member overseeing the use of the hall.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope your event is successful.

Best regards,

[Your Name]


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