Class 8 English Guide Nepal 2080 : Unit - 12 guide English Nepal

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Class 8 English Guide Nepal 2080
Unit - 12 guide

A. Learn these words and complete the sentences with them.

Answer 👉 

a. Nepal is known for her diversity of people, still there is harmony in them.

b. Despite being successful, Krishna is an example of genteel lifestyle.

c. The food was tasty! They enhanced the flavour of food items by adding natural herbs.

d. She encouraged women to start formal mentoring programmes in their companies.

e. All the family members helped her in nurturing her newborn baby.

B. Choose the correct alternatives to fill in the gaps.

Answer 👉 a. Kazi Dai was a famous birder.

b. Parasar N. Suwal has earned his Ph.D.

c. The writer became interested in becoming a birder while returning to Kathmandu from Pokhara.

d. Which of the following is a false statement?

ii. The writer never got the opportunity to work together with foreigners.

e. Which of the following organizations did Kazi Dai not work for?


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C. Answer these questions.

a. What made Kazi Dai a friend of Parasar Narayan Shrestha?

Answer 👉 Kazi Dai became a friend of Parasar Narayan Shrestha due to their shared love of the wilderness and their frequent explorations of the jungles of the Terai together.

b. Was the journey to Pokhara a memorable one for the writer? How can you say so?

Answer 👉 Yes, the journey to Pokhara was a memorable one for the writer. This can be inferred from the writer's mention of the heavy hailstorm, the identification of various bird species by Kazi Dai, and the mentoring provided by Kazi Dai, which became a turning point in shaping the writer's interest in birds.

c. Name the personality with whom the writer worked except Kazi Dai.

Answer 👉 The writer worked with Karna Shakya, apart from Kazi Dai.

d. Mention the areas BCN is working in at present.

Answer 👉 The areas in which BCN (Bird Conservation Nepal) is working at present may include bird documentation, photography, research, and conservation. However, specific details about their current areas of work are not mentioned in the provided information.

e. Who is the donor of the Lumbini Crane Sanctuary?

Answer 👉 The donor of the Lumbini Crane Sanctuary is not mentioned in the given information.

f. Do you like Kazi Dai? Why?

Answer 👉 do yourself

Class 8 English Guide Nepal
 Unit - 12 guide English Nepal

D. Can birdwatching be a good hobby for a Nepali student like you? Discuss with your friends.

Answer 👉 Yes, birdwatching can be a good hobby for a Nepali student. It offers several benefits such as connecting with nature, developing observational skills, learning about different bird species and their behavior, and fostering an appreciation for biodiversity and conservation. Birdwatching can also be a social activity that can be enjoyed with friends, providing opportunities for exploration, discovery, and shared experiences. Additionally, Nepal's rich avian diversity makes it an ideal country for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Grammar I

B. Choose and copy the correct answers.

Answer 👉 

a. I don't like going out at night.

b. She learned to tell stories.

c. I would like to come to the party.

d. My grandfather enjoys people asking what he wants.

e. She kept on talking during the film.

f. I am learning to speak English nowadays.

g. Do you mind giving me a hand?

h. Munal helped me carry this load.

i. I dislike waiting for people.

j. They've finished preparing food - come and eat!

C. Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the verbs given in the brackets.

Answer 👉 

a. Joan loves listening to music.

b. Tina usually goes fishing at the weekends.

c. We usually go swimming on Saturdays.

d. He hates writing emails.

e. Would you like to talk to the manager?

f. Excuse me, I'd like to pay the bill.

g. I like calling her in the evening.

h. She avoided talking to her neighbor.

i. Mr. Thakuri agreed to pay the debt on time.

j. He admitted to stealing the money.


Write an essay on My Hobbies and Interests. Include the answers to these questions.

Answer 👉 

Essay: My Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies and interests play a vital role in my life, bringing joy and fulfillment. Playing the guitar and photography are two hobbies I have chosen. They allow me to express myself creatively and capture moments in unique ways. To achieve proficiency, I practice regularly and seek opportunities to perform and learn. Support from loved ones is essential, and overcoming barriers requires determination and resourcefulness. Engaging in these hobbies brings positive changes, enhancing my well-being, creativity, and social connections.

Reading II
My Teacher Ate my Homework

A. Write the rhyming words for these words from the poem. Add one of your own words to each of them.

Answer 👉 

BAD - mad, glad, add, pad, lad, rad, sad
SNIFFED - riffed, stiffed, whiffed, drifted, lifted, shifted, gifted
CHEW - new, dew, few, view, stew, grew, threw
BURP - slurp, chirp, twerp, usurp, warp, sharp, syrup
PASS - mass, class, glass, grass, lass, surpass, amass

B. Here are the words from the poem related to eating. Find their meanings and use them in your own sentences.

Answer 👉 

Sure! Here are the meanings of the words related to eating, along with example sentences:

Nibble: To take small bites or gentle bites of food.
Example sentence: The hamster would nibble on the carrot with delight.

Bite: To use the teeth to cut into or grip something.
Example sentence: The child took a big bite of the juicy apple.

Chew: To crush or grind food with the teeth to break it down.
Example sentence: It is important to chew your food properly for better digestion.

Gobble: To eat quickly and greedily.
Example sentence: After a long day of fasting, the family gathered to gobble up the delicious feast.

Wolfed: To eat something quickly and without much chewing.
Example sentence: The hungry teenager wolfed down the pizza in just a few minutes.

Lick: To pass the tongue over something to taste or consume.
Example sentence: The little girl enjoyed licking the ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

C. Complete the following text with the suitable words/ phrases given below.

Answer 👉 

The speaker found it strange when he saw his teacher eating the homework. First, he sniffed and then smiled to show the approval of what the speaker had done. Then, he nibbled the homework bit by bit. The speaker guessed that the teacher had liked his task. The teacher even licked his fingers and finally said that the speaker had passed. This made the speaker guess the way the teachers grade the cooking class.

D. Write a short poem about your favorite subject and recite it in the class.

Answer 👉 

In the realm of science, my heart is inspired,
A subject I cherish, with passion untired.
Exploring nature's wonders, from small to immense,
Science, my favorite subject, makes perfect sense.

Reciting my poem, I share my delight,
In atoms and galaxies, shining so bright.
With enthusiasm and love, I proclaim,
Science, the subject that fuels my flame.

Grammar II
B. Change the given statements into questions. Use the words in brackets to start the questions.

Answer 👉 

a. Who is in class eight?

b. What is chasing a cat?

c. Were they practicing English yesterday?

d. Why did he go to the market to buy some vegetables?

e. When did I come to see you yesterday?

f. Did Anuska buy a new computer?

g. Where did William see a snake?

h. Will they have to do the work?

i. How did we pay?

j. Does she have a beautiful painting?

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