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Class 10 SEE English Guide

 Unit - 15

People and Places Guide

Me at the Beginning of Life

B. Complete the sentences below choosing the correct words from the text.

Answer 👉 

a. The word 'calm' is opposite in meaning to "agitated" or "restless."

b. The phrase "passed away" or "expired" means 'died.'

c. The word "invisible" means incapable of being seen.

d. The word 'wish' and "desire" are synonyms.

e. The word "pollution" means making dirty.

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D. Answer these questions.

a. Why does JThamak think her life as a burdensome life? 

b. When does the fortune draw a line of fate?

c. How did people respond to her life? Was she happy with their behavior?

d. Who does Jhamak compare herself with? What made them different from Jhamak?

e. Did achieving awareness become a curse for her? Why? 

f. How does Jhamak picturise her family's economic 

Answer 👉 

b. The specific circumstances or triggers for fortune drawing a line of fate are unknown without information from the text. Different cultures and beliefs have varying interpretations of fate and how it is determined.

c. The response of people towards Jhamak's life and whether she was happy with their behavior is not clear without information from the text. It would depend on the specific reactions and interactions described by Jhamak Ghimire in her autobiography.

f. The economic condition of Jhamak's family during her childhood is not provided in the given information. The text would provide a description of her family's economic circumstances during that time.

E. Read the opening chapter of Jivan Kadan Ki Phul' in Nepali and narrate the story of Jhamak's life in your own words. 

Answer 👉 Answer update soon.

Grammar - I
B. Fill in the gaps with the correct relative pronouns.
Answer 👉 
a. I admired the player whose performance was fantastic.

b. We had some juice that was in the fridge.

c. She didn't tell her teacher about her problem which was her mistake.

d. My mother, who is a farmer, grows a lot of vegetables.

e. You are my friend whom I want to sit with.

f. I want to help those children whose economic condition is very bad.

g. This is the road where the accident took place.

h. The mobile phone, which I bought six years ago, is still working.

i. It was in 2015 when the earthquake hit Nepal badly.

j. Marima is a wonderful lady whom everyone can trust.

C. Join the following pairs of sentences as in the example.
Answer 👉 
a. The letter, which my friend sent from abroad, reached me this morning.
b. This is the palace that Bhimsen built.
c. The boy, who committed cybercrime, was sent to jail by the judge.
d. He is a liar whom you should not believe.
e. I know an artist who moves with an artificial leg.
f. Bring me the file that is about our new project.
g. We met a girl who had lost her way.
h. I saw a soldier whose bravery impressed everyone.
i. Once upon a time, there lived a giant in a forest where nobody dared to go.
j. The dog took away the ball that the kids were playing.

Writing I
Write a short biography of Nepali literary figure Til Bikram Nembang Limbu aka Bairagi Kainla. Use the outlines given below.
Answer 👉 Til Bikram Nembang Limbu, popularly known as Bairagi Kainla, was a prominent Nepali literary figure. He was born on August 9, 1939, in Panchthar, Nepal. In terms of education, he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Arts. However, his early education in letters and literature was primarily acquired at home, where he was taught by local teachers.

Bairagi Kainla made significant contributions to Nepali literature through his poetry and writings. Some of his notable publications include "Bairagi Kainlaka Kavitaharu," "Sappok-Chomen: Limbu Jatima Kokh-Puja," "Nawacoit Mundhum," and several others. His works showcased his deep understanding of Limbu culture and traditions, often exploring themes of identity, spirituality, and social issues.

Apart from his literary pursuits, Bairagi Kainla served as the former Chancellor of the Nepal Academy, a prestigious position that highlights his influence and involvement in the promotion of arts and literature in Nepal. He was also a pioneer of the Tesro Aayam (Third Dimension) movement, which aimed to bring new perspectives and experimentation in Nepali literature.

Bairagi Kainla received recognition and acclaim for his literary contributions, earning various awards throughout his career. He was honored with the Jagdamba Shree Award in 2076 B.S., the Sajha Puraskar in 2031 B.S., and the Vishist Shrasta Samman in 2066 B.S., among others. These awards serve as a testament to his significant impact on Nepali literature and his enduring legacy.

Bairagi Kainla's dedication to his craft, his exploration of cultural themes, and his contributions to the literary landscape of Nepal have made him a respected and influential figure in the realm of Nepali literature.

Sugarloaf Mountain: 5 Interesting Facts 
A. Match these words with their meanings.
a. landmark: --vi. an object or structure on land that is easy to see and recognize

b. spectacular:-- v. very impressive

c. sprawling: --vii. covered with buildings across a large area

d. tranquil: ----viii. calm, quiet, and peaceful

e. blockbusters:-- ii. very successful films

f. fortifications: ---i. walls or other constructions built to strengthen a place against attack

g. peninsula:---------- iii. a piece of land that is almost entirely surrounded by water and is attached to a larger land area

h. bustling: ----------iv. full of lively activity

B. We can form adjectives by adding-ing' or -ed' at the end of the verbs as in sprawling, bustling and unfolded in the text. Complete the following sentences changing the verb in the brackets into an adjective by adding 'ing' or 'ed’.
Answer 👉 a. The children were annoyed when they missed the beginning of the movie.
b. Have you read Agni by Nabaraj Lamsal? It's a great book if you are interested in reading poems.
c. The result of the game was surprising. The best team didn't win!
d. I don't enjoy going out with Sumi. She's the most boring person I've ever met.
e. The students were so excited when their school decided to take them on a trip.
f. Angeela was quite terrified when she was flying for the first time.
g. I love to go to the fairs because they perform very interesting magic.

D. Answer these questions.

a. Where is Sugarloaf Mountain located?
Sugarloaf Mountain is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

b. How did the mountain get the name 'Sugarloaf Mountain'?
The mountain got the name 'Sugarloaf Mountain' due to its resemblance to a traditional shape of refined sugarloaf that was commonly used during the colonial era.

¢ Do you think many people can do rock-climbing at a time when they visit the mountain? Why?
Rock-climbing at Sugarloaf Mountain is limited and regulated to ensure safety. Only a certain number of climbers are allowed at a time to maintain the integrity of the mountain and minimize environmental impact. Therefore, it is not possible for many people to do rock-climbing simultaneously.

d. Which of the sites do you think the children would love to visit? Why?
Children would love to visit the cable car ride at Sugarloaf Mountain because it offers a thrilling experience and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and Guanabara Bay. It provides a unique perspective and a sense of adventure.

e. Name the first film in which Sugarloaf Mountain was featured.
The first film in which Sugarloaf Mountain was featured is "Flying Down to Rio" released in 1933.

f. What is historic about Guanabara Bay?
Guanabara Bay is historically significant as it was the first area explored by the Portuguese when they arrived in Brazil in 1502. It played a vital role during the colonial period as a strategic harbor for trade and colonization.

g. What should you do to enjoy the best scene of Guanabara Bay?
To enjoy the best scene of Guanabara Bay, one should visit the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. From there, they can appreciate the stunning views of the bay, the city of Rio de Janeiro, and the surrounding landscape.

h. Do you think a visitor should ride the cable cars while visiting the mountain? Why?
Riding the cable cars while visiting Sugarloaf Mountain is highly recommended. It offers a unique and breathtaking experience, allowing visitors to ascend to the summit of the mountain and enjoy panoramic views of the city, coastline, and Guanabara Bay. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the landscape from a different perspective.

Class 10 SEE English Guide
 Unit - 15
People and Places Guide

Grammar II
A. Complete the following sentences choosing the correct preposition from the brackets.
Answer 👉 a. I love traveling, Therefore, I went to Delhi by plane last week.
b. Namrata visited Lumbini since 2002.
c. My best friend lives in a beautiful house on the street.
d. We had to walk as far as the edge of the desert to find water.
e. The Prime Minister died from a head injury a few days after his accident.
f. My family has been living in Dharan for two years.
g. I am very pleased to meet you.
h. He is a tall boy with long brown hair.
i. Guman Singh is a student at Tribhuvan University.
j. We will start our new semester on November 2.
k. I love your house by the river.
l. She misses her grandfather because she has not met him in ages.

B. Complete the text below with the correct prepositions.
Answer 👉 I live in Bhairahawa, but every summer I like to travel to Pokhara. I am afraid of traveling by plane. Last summer I decided I would travel by bus. According to the ticket I received from the travel agency, the bus would leave Pokhara at 9:15 pm on Friday and arrive in Pokhara the following day at 5:30 in the morning. The travel would include boating on Phewa Lake from one end of the lake to another end. We would also drive to different beautiful places. It would be really wonderful.

Writing II
There are many tourist destinations in Nepal. Choose one of them and write a letter or an email to your foreign friend mentioning the interesting facts about the place. Also invite him/her to visit the place.
Answer 👉 Subject: Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Pokhara, Nepal!

Dear [Friend's Name],

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to share with you some exciting details about a remarkable tourist destination in Nepal that I highly recommend you visit - Pokhara.

Pokhara is a captivating city nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayas and adorned with stunning natural wonders. It offers a perfect blend of breathtaking landscapes, cultural heritage, and thrilling adventures. Here are some interesting facts about Pokhara that I'm sure will ignite your wanderlust:

  1. Tranquil Lakes: Pokhara is renowned for its serene lakes, the most famous being Phewa Lake. Surrounded by lush hills and mirrored peaks, it provides a mesmerizing backdrop for boating and leisurely walks along the lakeshore.

  2. Annapurna Range: The city serves as a gateway to the renowned Annapurna mountain range, offering awe-inspiring views and exciting trekking opportunities. You can embark on the Annapurna Circuit or choose shorter hikes, immersing yourself in the beauty of the Himalayas.

  3. World Peace Pagoda: Situated atop a hill, the World Peace Pagoda provides a spiritual haven and panoramic views of Pokhara and its surrounding mountains. The tranquil ambiance and breathtaking vistas make it a must-visit spot.

  4. Adventure Sports: Pokhara is a hub for adventure enthusiasts. You can indulge in paragliding, zip-lining, ultralight flights, or even try your hand at bungee jumping. These thrilling activities offer an adrenaline rush and an opportunity to marvel at Pokhara's natural splendor from the sky.

  5. Cultural Richness: Explore the diverse ethnic communities and their rich cultural heritage in Pokhara. You can visit traditional museums, witness vibrant festivals, and interact with the warm-hearted locals, making your experience truly immersive.

Having shared these fascinating aspects, I wholeheartedly invite you to visit Pokhara and immerse yourself in its enchanting beauty. The city's tranquil ambiance, natural wonders, and thrilling adventures make it an unforgettable destination. I would be thrilled to accompany you and show you around this mesmerizing place, ensuring an incredible journey together.

Please let me know when you plan to visit, and I will gladly assist you with any travel arrangements or provide further details. I can't wait to introduce you to the wonders of Pokhara and create unforgettable memories together.

Take care, and I look forward to your visit!

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

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