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Cabbage White
A. Match the following meanings in the left column with the correct words in the right.
a. to laugh at somebody in an unkind way👉 vii. mock

b. very unpleasant👉 v. hideous

c. to twist and turn body or part of it with quick, short movements👉 viii. wriggle

d. in a cheerful way👉 vi. gaily

e. very surprised or shocked👉 iii. open👉 mouthed

f. to ask for something in a serious and emotional way👉 ii. plead

g. to make a facial expression indicating disapproval👉 i. frown

h. to argue or disagree strongly with somebody 👉 iv. dispute

B. The word tiptoe refers to the way of walking with one's heels off the ground, in order to make them taller or to move very quietly. Consult a dictionary and find the meanings of the following words related to walking.
sneak-to move in a stealthy or quiet manner, especially to avoid being noticed or heard
stroll- to walk in a leisurely way, often for pleasure or exercise
lurch - to walk unsteadily or staggeringly, as if about to fall
stagger- to walk unsteadily or move from side to side, as if about to fall, usually due to being unbalanced or intoxicated
stride - to walk with long steps in a confident or purposeful manner
stumble- to trip or lose one's balance while walking, often due to an obstacle or uneven surface

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C. Answer these questions.

a. Why do you think the man frowned his face when Sarah and Jamie gave him their school card?
The man frowned his face when Sarah and Jamie gave him their school card because he was disappointed that they were not in school and instead seeking employment. He may have believed that education should be a priority for children.

b. Why were Sarah and Jamie looking for a job instead of
going to school?
Sarah and Jamie were looking for a job instead of going to school likely due to their family's financial circumstances. They might have needed to contribute to their household income or support themselves financially.

c. Why was the man ready to give them work in his farm?
The man was ready to give them work in his farm because he saw an opportunity to hire willing and capable workers. He may have sympathized with their situation and recognized their determination to find employment.

d. What work were they supposed to do at the man's farm?
Sarah and Jamie were supposed to work on the man's farm performing various tasks such as weeding, harvesting crops, or other manual labor involved in agricultural activities.

e. Were there really a million or billion caterpillars in the cabbage field? If not, what do Sarah and Jamie mean by a million or billion caterpillars?
There may not have been literally a million or billion caterpillars in the cabbage field. Sarah and Jamie used the terms "million" or "billion" as an exaggeration to convey that there were an overwhelming number of caterpillars present in the field, implying a significant pest infestation.

f. What were Sarah and Jamie desperate about?
Sarah and Jamie were desperate about their financial situation and the need to find work. They were likely experiencing hardship and urgency, feeling the pressure to contribute to their family or support themselves.

g. What was Sarah's ‘brilliant’ idea?
Sarah's 'brilliant' idea refers to her suggestion or plan to use caterpillars to their advantage. She proposed that they collect the caterpillars and sell them as fishing bait, hoping to turn the abundance of pests into a profitable opportunity.

h. Were the children happy with their work? Give reasons for your answer.
The children might have initially felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from their work on the farm. However, the overall happiness of the children with their work cannot be determined without further information. It is possible that they had mixed feelings due to the challenging nature of the work or other factors.

i. Why did they run away from the farm secretly?
They ran away from the farm secretly likely because they were unsatisfied with their work or encountered unfavorable conditions. It is possible that the work was too demanding, they faced mistreatment, or they simply decided to pursue other opportunities. The specific reasons for their decision to run away would require additional context.

D. Read the story and write 'True' for true statements, and 'False' for false ones. If the information is not given in the text write 'Not Given'.
a. Sarah and Jamie's parents were unable to work to support the family. - Not Given

b. Sarah and Jamie have never been to school. - False

c. The man decides to pay them upon the completion of their work. - True

d. Sarah and Jamie had not expected to find so many caterpillars in the cabbage field. - True

e. Sarah's idea finally worked to finish off their job. - True

f. They were caught by the farm owner while running away. - False

Grammar I
A. Read the story below and tell what the underlined words are used for.
- All he could see on the clear water was a little fish. (could: indicating ability or possibility)

- This might be a good breakfast for me. (might: expressing possibility or uncertainty)

- Master Heron should not be happy with such a tiny fish. (should: expressing obligation, expectation or recommendation)

- I wouldn't even trouble to open my beak for anything like that. (wouldn't: expressing a negative conditional)

- while I may have a lovely dinner. (may: expressing possibility or permission)

- But I must play a trick on the octopus. (must: expressing obligation or necessity)

- The poor Heron had to be content for breakfast on a tiny Snail. (had to: expressing necessity or obligation)

B. Complete the sentences below with the correct words given below.
[could, can't, must, may, should, might, would]

a. Safal's coat. It is too small for him.
👉 can't

b. .... .... you please tell me the way to the airport?
👉 could

c. … like to stay with us at the weekend?
👉 would

d. Do you know where Jack is? He. .. .......... be in his office.
👉 might

e. The sky is overcast. It…..rain in the afternoon.
👉 may

f. Sanam has been working in the field all day. She..... . be tired.
👉 must

g. The film is really wonderful. You….see it at least once.
👉 should

Class 10 SEE English Guide
Work & Leisure Guide

C. Complete the sentences below with must or can't in the blank spaces.
a. The man is looking around. lost.
👉 must

b. He … a doctor. He has not studied medicine.
👉 can't be

c. Sushmita failed the test although she is a smart student. She...... have prepared well this time.
👉 must

d. The restaurant always serves really good food. They..... have employed excellent chefs.
👉 must

e. There ....... be something wrong with the fan. It is making an unusual sound.
👉 must

g. This..... be Sumana's book. There is a stamp of the library on it.
👉 can't

h. He...... have had hard times. He has lost his job and has to support his elderly parents.
👉 must

Writing I
A. Re-write the job Application putting the sentences in correct order

18 August

The Headteacher,
Shree Janajagriti Secondary School,
Bhanu 10, Tanahun

Subject: Job application for the position of School Secretary

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for the position of School Secretary that was recently advertised on The Tanahun Post. After my SLC, I worked as an office secretary for a year at Himalayan Investment Company Limited. I possess good skills in handling a wide range of tasks at the institution. Moreover, I am a young girl of 20 and possess all the skills and qualifications that you are looking for.

As an experienced secretary, I have a proven record of successfully managing administrative and secretarial duties. I also possess sound skills of spoken and written English besides the Nepali language. I have enclosed the copies of my relevant credentials required for the position.

I have a keen interest in working with students and supporting their academics. If I am appointed as the secretary in your school, I will provide excellent customer service. I am confident that I can be a valuable asset to your school. I look forward to working with your team.


Shivaram Paudyal


[Your Address]


The HR Manager
Kimatsu Electronics and Home Appliances Company
Kathmandu, Nepal

Subject: Job Application for Marketing Manager

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for the position of Marketing Manager advertised on your website. With my Bachelor's degree in Management and 3 years of experience in the field of marketing, I believe that I possess the necessary skills and qualifications required for this position.

During my career, I have gained expertise in sales and marketing planning, projection reporting, and reporting. I have experience in handling various marketing campaigns and initiatives that helped the company reach its sales goals. I have a good command of the Nepali and English language, and I am proficient in computer literacy with advanced skills in Microsoft Excel and Word.

I am highly motivated, result-oriented, and committed to achieving the objectives of the company. My strong leadership skills, ability to work in a team, and creativity in marketing strategies will be an asset to your company. I am confident that I can contribute to your company's growth and success.

Please find attached my curriculum vitae (CV) and a scanned copy of my citizenship for your consideration. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my application further at an interview. Thank you for considering my application.

Yours sincerely,


Leave This Chanting & Singing

short summary
"Leave This Chanting and Singing" by Rabindranath Tagore is a poem that urges readers to move beyond superficial expressions of faith and seek a genuine connection with the divine. The poem emphasizes the emptiness of religious rituals without true devotion. It suggests finding inspiration in nature and immersing oneself in its beauty to glimpse the divine. The poem also hints at the importance of self-knowledge in unlocking the mysteries of the universe. Overall, it calls for a deeper, more meaningful approach to spirituality.

A. Find the words from the poem which have the following meanings.

a. a small piece of glass or stone threaded with others to make a necklace.........
👉 beads

b. to prepare and use the land for growing crops.........
👉 tile

c. a piece of clothing .........
👉 garment

d. a layer of something that covers a surface .........
👉 mantle

e. the state of being rescued from danger, evil or pain..........
👉 deliverance

f. a substance that produces a pleasant smell when you burn it .........
👉 incense

g. covered with marks.........
👉 stained

h. hard unpleasant work that makes you very tired.........
👉 toil

B. Find the modern equivalents of the following archaic words used in the poem.
a. dost - do
b. thou -you
c. thine-yours
d. thy-your

C. Answer the following questions.
a. Who is the poem addressed to?
The poem is addressed to those who engage in chanting, singing, and telling beads in a temple with closed doors.

b. What does the speaker advise people?
The speaker advises people to abandon traditional forms of worship such as chanting, singing, and performing rituals. Instead, the speaker suggests that people should recognize the divine presence in everyday life, in the hard work of farmers and labourers.

c. Where do people try to find the god?
People try to find the god in temples and other places of worship, as indicated by the reference to a "lonely dark corner of a temple with doors all shut."

d. Where, according to the speaker, does the god actually reside?
According to the speaker, the god actually resides among ordinary people engaged in everyday work, such as farmers and pathmakers.

e. How can people have a glimpse of god?
People can catch a glimpse of god by recognizing the divine presence in everyday life, by opening their eyes and by seeing god in the work of others.

f. Why can't the god rescue people?
The speaker suggests that god cannot rescue people from their troubles because the divine is bound up in the same struggles as human beings, taking on the "bonds of creation" along with everyone else.

g. What does the speaker ask people to do in the last stanza?
In the final stanza, the speaker asks people to abandon their meditations, leave aside their flowers and incense, and join the god in the toil and sweat of everyday work. He suggests that people should not be afraid to become dirty or stained in the process, but rather should meet the god where he is.

Grammar Il
A. Match the following imperative sentences with their functions.
a. Kindly tell me where the bus park is.-vii. making a request

b. Go straight and take the first turn on your right.-i. giving direction

c. Cook the rice in medium heat until it turns tender.-vi. giving instruction

d. Please join us on the tour.- viii. making an invitation

e. Don't feed the animals in the zoo!- ii. warning

f. Wear warm clothes.- iv. giving advice

g. Put your hands up!-iii. making a command

h. Get out of here at once. - v. making an order

i. Let's go for a walk. - ix. suggesting

B. Change the following imperative sentences into negative.
a. Turn left at the junction.
Don't turn left at the junction.

b. Please open the door.
Please, don't open the door.

c. Let him tell a story.
Don't let him tell a story.

d. Put out the light.
Don't put out the light.

e. Let's play a friendly football match.
Let's not play a friendly football match.

f. Please help the man get out of well.
Please, don't help the man get out of well.

g. Instruct the people about how they should work.
Don't instruct the people about how they should work.

B. Write a set of rules and regulations for the visitors in the following places. You may use the expressions given below.
Answer 👉 

a. Library:

  1. Visitors are allowed to enter the library premises for academic and research purposes.
  2. Maintain silence and refrain from making loud noises to ensure a conducive study environment.
  3. Handle books and library materials with care. Do not mark, underline, or damage them in any way.
  4. Follow the designated pathways and shelves while browsing or searching for books.
  5. Return borrowed books on time to avoid overdue fines. Renewals can be requested if needed.
  6. Use personal electronic devices in silent mode. Phone calls should be taken outside the library.
  7. Eating, drinking, and smoking are strictly prohibited in the library premises.
  8. Respect the privacy and personal space of other library users.
  9. Seek assistance from library staff for any inquiries or help needed.
  10. Adhere to the library's rules and regulations to maintain a pleasant and productive environment for everyone.

b. Hospital:

  1. Visitors are required to register at the reception desk upon arrival and obtain a visitor's pass if necessary.
  2. Maintain a calm and quiet environment within the hospital premises to facilitate patient care and recovery.
  3. Follow the visiting hours and restrictions set by the hospital. Respect the privacy of other patients.
  4. Observe proper hygiene practices, such as washing hands before entering patient areas and wearing face masks if instructed.
  5. Visitors must adhere to the hospital's infection control protocols and regulations.
  6. Only immediate family members or authorized individuals are allowed to visit patients. Check with the hospital for specific guidelines.
  7. Visitors must respect the instructions of healthcare professionals and refrain from interfering with medical procedures.
  8. Smoking is strictly forbidden within the hospital premises, including outdoor areas.
  9. Visitors are expected to maintain a clean and tidy environment. Dispose of trash properly in designated bins.
  10. Any disruptive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the premises.

It is important to note that the specific rules and regulations may vary between different libraries and hospitals, so it is recommended to consult the respective institutions for their specific guidelines and policies.

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