Class 10 English Guide 2080 : Unit - 10 The Earth and Space Guide

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 Class 10 English Guide
Unit - 10 
The Earth and Space Guide

Reading I
Look at the picture below and answer the questions.
a. What do you see in the picture?
Answer - In the picture, I see the boy sitting at the bank of the river.

b. Do you think life exists on planets other than the Earth?
Answer - I don't think life exists on planets other than carth because atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere on other planets which bases of life. 

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A Message from Another Planet

short summary
Suren Majhi sat on the sandy bank of the Sun Koshi River.

He was tired and the twilight was changing into darkness.

Suddenly, in the distance over the river, Suren saw a bright object.

As he went closer, a door opened, and Suren was drawn into the vessel.

He was frightened and almost jumped when he heard a voice saying, "Welcome to our spaceship, Suren. Don't be afraid. Sit down on the couch behind you."How do you know my name?" Suren asked.

The screen grew dark, the door opened, and Suren stepped out onto the sand.

122 English 9 At home, before going to bed, Suren wondered whether he had been dreaming, but when he put his hand in his pocket, he could feel the tiny computer.

A. Find the words from the story that are either opposite or similar to the words below.
a. dawn (opposite)
Answer - twilight

b. shining (similar)
Answer - bright

c. took off (opposite) 
Answer - landed on

d. modern (similar)
Answer - advanced

e. descended (opposite) 
Answer - ascended

f. great (similar)
Answer - important

B. Match the words with their meanings.
Answer :-
a. saucer---------vi. a small shallow round dish that a cup stands on
b. spaceship----iv. a vehicle that travels in space, carrying people
c. vessel--------i. a ship or large boat
d. flashing-----iii. short bursts of bright light
e. couch--------ii. a long comfortable seat
f. send out a programme on television orradio
g. appliance----v. a machine that is designed to do a particular thing in the home

C. Put the following events in the correct order.
Answer - 
e. Suren had been fishing when he saw a bright object over the Sunkoshi River.
g. When Suren went closer to the vessel, he was pulled into it.
c. A voice welcomed him, and asked him to sit on the couch.
f. They wanted to send a message to the leader of Nepal and the world.
a. They gave Suren a tiny computer.
b. The spaceship landed back on the bank of the Sunkoshi River.
d. Suren wondered whether he had been dreaming.

D. Answer the following questions.
a. What did Suren think about the bright object at first?
Answer - At first, Suren thought that the bright object may be a helicopter.

b. Where had Suren seen a spaceship before?
Answer -  Suren had seen a spaceship before in the film that was about the spaceship.

c. How did Suren feel when he was drawn inside the vessel?
Answer -  When the Suren was drawn inside the vessel, he was frightened and almost was ready to jump.

d. How had they known about Suren?
Answer -  They had known about Suren by using a long-distance listening device. 

e. How do they manage resources on their planet?
Answer - They manage resources on their planet by doing a recycling system.

f. Why did Suren express his inability to deliver a message at first?
Answer - Suren expressed his inability to deliver a message at first because he thought that people would not be ready to believe him.

g. What message did they want to pass on?
Answer - The message that they wanted to pass on was to utilize resources properly by following the recycling system.

h. Why did they give Suren a tiny computer?
Answer - They gave Suren a tiny computer so that people would believe that what he was speaking was tu planet.

i. Do you think people will believe Suren's story? Give your reasons.
Answer - I think people will believe in Suren's story because the tiny advanced computer will help Suren to prove to the people about the important message. If you met someone from another planet,

E. If you met someone from another planet, what advice would you ask for about the Earth or Nepal?
Answer - If I met someone from another planet, then I would ask for advice on how to control pollution in Nepal or on Earth. We know that the earth is also known as a living planet. It is the home of all living things. Although we may be living in the era of modern technology, we are backward in case of keeping our Earth clean. Day by day our Earth is being polluted with different wastes. Today, the quality of air, water in rivers, ponds, lakes, seas and oceans and the soil have degraded a lot. So, I would like to ask how they manage the wastes on their planets and how they keep their planets neat and tidy. What type of activities do they perform to manage pollution problems? What technology have they adopted? So, I would ask such questions with eagerness and I would disseminate their advice to all the people of Nepal and the Earth.

Grammar I
A. Fill in the blanks with prepositions in, at or on.
a. We will meet ........... the corner of the street on Sunday at 5: 00 pm.
Answer - at

b. Phurba is studying English literature ............. Ratna Rajya Campus.
Answer - at

c. The horses are grazing ........ the field.
Answer - in

d. Rima and Nakul got married .......... Bhadrakali temple 10 years ago.
Answer - at

e. What time did you arrive ........ the hotel?
Answer - at

f. Rachita lives .............. England these days.
Answer - in

g. The cat is somewhere ......... the house.
Answer - in

h. There is a picture of house ....... Sheetal’s T-shirt.
Answer - on

i. The instruction is ....... the top of the page.
Answer - at

j. The dog is sleeping ....... the carpet.
Answer - on

Class 10 English Guide
Unit - 10 
The Earth and Space Guide

B. Choose one of the words/phrases from the box and complete the sentences below using in, at or on.
a. I love Saturdays the most. I can stay ........... until eight.
Answer - in bed

b. My favourite movie Pashupati Prasad is playing ...........
Answer - at shanti cinema hall

c. Many people are ........ for the crime they committed.
Answer - in prison

d. I like the village, especially the fresh air. I think I should work ........ my village.
Answer - in a firm

e. Did you make many friends when you were .............. ?
Answer - in school

f. Aryashila had an accident last month. She is still ...........
Answer - in the hospital

g. It was not a long flight. We were .......... for only 25 minutes.
Answer - in the air

h. When our flight was delayed, we had to wait .......... for about two hours.
Answer - at the airport

Writing I
Imagine you have recently met someone from another planet and spent about an hour with him or her. Write an account describing your feelings and reactions.
Answer - 
[It was Sunday and I was feeling so bored sitting at home. So, I went to collect radish and some other vegetables on the field at the back of my house. It was evening around 5:0 pm and suddenly I saw a stranger standing in front of me. The stranger was so different. I have never seen such type of a person. I was too sure that the person was not from this planet. He came closer to me and I feel afraid and nervous. The stranger said that he was left alone here and his spaceship has gone. He is trying to search for a way to go to his home back, I felt so pity for him. Then, I asked, "How can you go back to your home, my friend? Can I help you in one way or another?" |The stranger replied, "Yes, you can help me by charging in. Computer". It has shut down. When it will be charged. I.. information about my current location." I took his tin computer and helped him by charging it secretly. I returned And after this, he was able to contact his parents. Soon his on a spaceship and during the time of departure, he smiled and |you, my friend." I felt so happy for him and returned home r lam unable to believe - was it a real incident or just an illusion.

Reading II
Look at the picture and guess the answers to the questions.

a. Who are the people in the picture?
Answer - In the picture, one is a guide and another is a tourist. 

b. Where are they traveling to?
Answer - They are traveling to see the view of the hill 

c. What is the lady asking the man?
Answer - The lady might be asking where the resting room might be as she seems to be tired.


short summary
Will the day's journey take the whole long day? From morn to night, my friend.

Shall I meet other wayfarers at night? Those who have gone before.

Then must I knock, or call when just in sight? They will not keep you standing at that door.

Shall I find comfort, travel-sore and weak? Of labour you shall find the sum.

A. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.
Answer -
Column A             Column B
a. wind------------ iii. to have many bends and twists
b. morn----------- v. morning
c. inn-------------- ii. a small hotel, usually in the country
d. wayfarer------i. person who usually travels on foot
e. seek-------------iv. look for

B. Complete the summary of the poem using suitable words or phrases given below.
Answer -
1. a journary
2. the road ahead
3. uphill 
4. in the affirmative
5. a place 
6. an inn 
7. on the way
8. fellow travellers
9. someone 
10. everyone

C. Answer the following questions.
a. How far is the road up-hill, according to the guide?
Answer - According to the guide, the road uphill takes a day, i.e. from morning to night.

b. What does the speaker doubt about the place to rest?
Answer - The speaker doubts whether there will be beds for her and all who seek it. 

c. Who has travelled the road before?
Answer - Wayfarers have travelled the road before.

d. What is the speaker’s seventh question?
Answer - "The speaker's seventh question is whether she would find travel-sore and weak (at the resting place)

e. Who do you think opens the door?
Answer - do yourself

D. Write a short description of an interesting road that you have recently travelled along.
Answer - Whenever I am free or I have leisure time, I like to go for a short road trip. I have traveled different roads but the most interesting one that I found is the Syaalban Road. I went there with my friends for taking some photos so I could upload my social media accounts. Initially while hearing, I found that the Syaalban Road was so narrow and many accidents have taken place. As a result, the road came to the focus of the local government and a huge amount of budget for this road was allocated. The construction of the road started last year and recently it has been finished. Now, the road is black-topped, wide, windy and smooth. Moreover, the view around the road too is very mesmerizing with beautiful forests on both sides of the road. The road is now recognized as 'Viral Road'. Every day, a number of people queue on the road to make TikTok videos and shoot photos. Some people have also extended their business of ice cream, noodles, biscuits, water, etc. by the side of the road. As many people come here and pass through this road, their business also has flourished well. I enjoyed a lot on road making TikTok videos and 
shooting photos. I had real fun on the road with my friends.

Grammar II
A. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions from the brackets.
a. Due ....... a traffic jam, we are late today. (with/to/at)
Answer - to

b. I’m sorry. You are not eligible ............. admission to this course. (with/for/of)
Answer - for

c. Look! She is playing ........... her young son. (with/to/in)
Answer - with

d. The District Administration Office is entrusted ............... maintain law and order in the city. (to/with/of)
Answer - to

e. He is envious ............. his rich neighbour. (with/of/off)
Answer - of

f. He became estranged ................ his family after the argument.(with/from/of)
Answer - from

g. You had no excuse ...... misbehaving with the clerk. (of/for/to)
Answer - for

h. I’m quite familiar ................... her. (at/with/to)
Answer - with

i. She was brought .......... by her grandmother. (out/in/up)
Answer - up

j. Gopal left home because he did not want to abide .................... his father’s wishes. (to/with/by)
Answer - by

B. Choose and circle the correct prepositions (in brackets) in the paragraphs below.
1. on
2. at
3. in
4. at
5. to
6. to
7. at
8. of
9. for
10. to
11. at
12. at
13. on

Writing II
Write a set of rules and regulations for the visitors in a park. Use the expressions given below.
Answer - 

Rules and Regulations for the Visitors in a Park | 
1. The park is open from 7:00 am - 8:30 pm. 
2. Do not light fires inside the park. 
3. Please keep your dog or any other pet you bring on a leash. 
4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the park area. 
5. Overnight stay is prohibited in any park area. 
6. Motorized vehicles must remain on designated roadways and parking 
areas at all times. 
7. All trash. litter or refuse is to be placed in the provided trash| receptacles. No dumping allowed. 
8. Sound systems are prohibited, except with prior written authorization 
9. NO Weapons are allowed inside the park area. 
10.It is unlawful to remove, damage, destroy, deface, or otherwise vandalize any park property, structure, sign, or vegetation. 

Project work
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