Class 9 English Guide 2080 : Unit - 2 Health and Hygiene Guide

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Class 9 English Guide Unit - 2
 Health and Hygiene Guide
Getting started
Look at the picture and discuss about the meaning of health.

Answer - Health is a state of well-being. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of health or infirmity." Health is the condition of being sound in the physical body, mind, or spirit and especially free from any kind of disease or pain. In fact, health is a very comprehensive form of different terms, such as life, wellness, diet, sport, exercise, medicine, energy, happiness, relaxation, mind, psychology, and many more.

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Reading I
Before you read the interview below, answer these questions.
a. How do you get advice from a doctor?
Answer -I get a doctor's advice by visiting a medical clinic or hospital or attaining some other community health programs. I also get health advice through online sites, such as, and, and talk with Nepali doctors. 

b. What do you know about telehealth services?
Answer - Telehealth service is a health-related service that is safer, more effective and less expensive in the long run, especially during a time like the Covid-19 pandemic. It allows access to medical care without going to hospitals.

The Acceleration Behind Telehealth Services

A. The meanings of some of wor below. Find the words and fill in the crossword puzzle. 
1. psychotherapy 
2. triage 
3. deploy 1 
4. ICU 
5. incorporate 
6. diagnose, 
7. underserved 
8. pandemic 

B. Read the interview again and write whether the following statements
are True or False.
a. Internet service is necessary to use telehealth services.
Answer- True

b. While providing telehealth services, health professionals are at high risk of being infected due to exposure to patients.
Answer- False

c. Telehealth service can be the best alternative to face-to-face service.
Answer- False

d. The problem with the lack of medical staff will be solved to a great extent with telehealth technology.
Answer- True

e. The success of telehealth programs depends on the infrastructure and the best use of IT tools.
Answer- True

C. Answer the following questions.
a. What is telehealth service?
Answer- Telehealth is a method of providing medical care remotely, usually through video chat.

b. What are the advantages of using telehealth programs?
Answer- The advantages of telehealth programs are that these services are faster, safer, more effective, and less expensive in the long run. especially during a time like the COVID-19 pandemic, where telehealth allows access to medical care without going to hospitals to protect patients.

c. Why, according to Dr. Chang, is the telehealth service growing
Answer- According to Dr. Chang, the telehealth service is growing rapidly due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of medical professionals when demand is increasing every year.

d. How is the telehealth program important during a pandemic?
Answer- The pandemics require strong social distancing and minimal physical contact. In addition to this, there appear the shortages of beds and medical facilities. In such conditions, the telehealth program is important in a pandemic time.

e. Why are the patients in remote areas not getting adequate health services?
Answer- Good infrastructures to implement telehealth, sufficient hardware, the right technology for each specialty, and reliable networking infrastructures are lacking in remote areas. Because of this reason, patients in remote areas are not getting adequate health services.

f. Mention the top three challenges of telehealth services.
Answer- The top three challenges behind telehealth services are as follows: 
  • Lack of infrastructure to implement telehealth successfully
  • The right technology for each specialty
  • Insufficient hardware

D. How might rural communities feel about telehealth services? How
could this be improved? Talk to your friends.
Answer-  The feeling that rural communities might feel about telehealth services are as follows:
  • Initially, they may not respond positively to the change because there is a lack of technological awareness in rural areas. 
  • It takes time for the people in the rural area to believe the telehealth services rather than face-to-face physical health services. 
  • They may not follow up on their tele-doctors frequently. 

This could be improved in the following ways: 
  • Telehealth should be encouraged as a more real service and included in health insurance. 
  • Healthcare providers should invest in infrastructures and information system integration and deploy telehealth technology.

Pronounce the following words with the help of your teacher or a dictionary.

Speak with the help of the teacher.

A. Read and act out the following conversation.
Read from your book...

B. How does the woman advise the girl?
I have a severe toothache. I can't eat anything.
If I were you, I'd go to the dentist.

Now, work in pairs and take turns to explain your situation and give suggestions.

a. A: tired/not sleep B: have a hot drink 
A : I'm feeling tired and I am unable to sleep. 
B : If I were you I would have a hot drink. 

b. A: cold/no heating B: have a hot drink
A : I'm feeling cold. Here is no heating. 
B : What about putting on a sweater? 

c. A: friend's birthday/no money B: pick a bunch of flowers
A : I am unable to attend my friend's birthday today. I have no money. 
B : You'd rather pick a bunch of flowers. 

d. A: hurt my leg B: go to see a doctor
A : I've hurt my leg. It's paining a lot. 
B : I think you need to visit the doctor as soon as possible. 

e. A: not feeling well B: take a rest for some time 
A : I am not feeling well. 
B : If I were you, I'd better take a rest for some time. 

C. Give suggestions in the following situations. Use the given expressions.
a. She can't do well in English although she works very hard.! 
  • • If I were you, I'd take up some tuition classes for English. 
  • • Why don't you speak in English with your friends and teachers? 
  • If I were you, I would watch English movies all the time 

b. She has lost her Maths book in school.
  • If I were you, I'd report it to the class teacher. 
  • Why don't you ask the guards or sisters if they've found it?
  • You should probably check your bags as well. 

c. She has put on weight, but she wants to be slim.
  • • You'd better get some exercise. 
  • • If I were you, I'd control my calorie intake. 
  • • Why don't you join the gym and start a diet? 
  • .You should try a keto diet for weight loss

Grammar I
B. Choose the correct answer.
a. I need help, doctor. My baby doesn't sleep well. What ............. ?
i. had I better do 
ii. should I do
iii. I should do
Answer- ii. should I do

b. The airplane only allows two pieces of luggage. You ............... pack too much or you will have to take it out at the airport!
i. had better not 
ii. better not 
iii. had not better
Answer- i. should to talk 

c. A: I think that the grade my teacher gave me on my test is wrong. B: Really? You .................... to her after class today.
i. should to talk 
ii. ought to talk 
iii. ought talk
Answer- ii. ought to talk 

d. It's raining and I don't want to get my dress wet. umbrella.
i. had better not take 
ii. had better to take
iii. had better take
Answer- iii. had better take

e. Dinesh loves chocolate, but he ....................too much or he will
put on weight.
i. shouldn't eat 
ii. should eat not 
iii. should eat
Answer- i. shouldn't eat 

f. My mother isn't feeling well, so I told her that she ............. to the doctor.
i. ought go 
ii. ought to go 
iii. ought
Answer- ii. ought to go 

g. A: It's so hot. B: You ...............your jacket!
i. should take off 
ii. should put on 
iii. should to take off
Answer- i. should take off 

h. I'm going to visit your country. Where ............. if I want to go shopping?
i. should I go 
ii. I should go 
iii. ought to I go
Answer- i. should I go

Writing I
Do yourself
a. What is the problem with Aayush?
b. What should he stop doing to be healthy?
c. What should he start doing?
d. What advice would you give him to maintain a healthy life?

Answer - Aayush aged 14 who is from Biratnagar likes to sit on the sofa tof 
hours every day, watching TV and eating a lot of snacks. As a result, he has faced a great health-related problem. The problem with ush is nis abnormal obesity at such a young age. Aayush is too fat and he finds difficulty even in carrying out his daily-life activi and normal tasks. Aayush should be very aware of his health. He should stop sitting for hours on the sofa every day Watching TV and eating a lot of snacks to nealthy. He should start to do.more exercise. I would like to suggest to him that he should not eat junk food at foods with low calories. He must strictly mai at he should not eat junk food at all. He should eat Hories. He must strictly maintain a balance between his work, eating habits and exercise to maintain a healthy 

Reading II
Look at the picture and answer these questions.

a. Who do you think the person in the picture is; a king or a wrestler? Why?
Answer - The person in the picture is a king because he is wearing royal cloth and has a crown on his head.

b. How has he put on so much weight?
Answer - He seems to put on so much weight being lazy and he seems not doing anything other than eating and sleeping.

c. Do you think he is healthy?
Answer - I don't think he is healthy because he seems to be too fat. 

Health is Wealth

A. Learn these words and complete the sentences with them.
a. .............. can increase the risk of heart disease because obese people are likely to suffer from heart problems.
Answer -  obesity

b. My father is kind, helpful and generous. He has a................. attitude.
Answer - benevolent

c. Take rest for a week. Avoid tasks which require .......... physical activity.
Answer - strenuous

d. I like God Shiva. I'm actually a ..................... of him.
Answer - devotee

e. My younger sister is a great ............ She can watch TV 24 hours a day.
Answer - couch potato

B. Answer the following questions.
a. Why did people not like the king though he was kind?
Answer - People did not like the king though he was kind because he was very lazy and wouldn't do anything other than eat and sleeping.

b. Why were the specialists called to the palace and offered huge
Answer - The specialists were called for at the palace and offered huge prizes because the king realized that he couldn't move his body, not even his foot. He had become very large and his obesity became a matter of fun, calling him 'bulky king'.

c. Why did the minister become so happy?
Answer - When the holy man informed the minister at the palace that he could easily cure the king, hearing these promising words, the minister become very happy.

d. Why did the holy man tell the king to come to his place on foot for treatment?
Answer - The holy man lived in a distant place and for the king to reach his place on foot would have to lose a considerable amount of body weight and he would be healthy if he would do so for some days. Because of this reason, the holy man told the king to come to his place on foot for treatment.

e. Why did the holy man disappear after the first meeting with the king?
Answer - The holy man disappeared after the first meeting with the king because he wanted the king to walk a long distance every day on foot.

f. How did the king recover his health?
Answer - The king repeatedly went to the holy man's residence which was very far from his palace by walking on foot for two weeks for treatment. In this way, the king recovered his health.

g. What lesson did you learn from the story?
Answer - The lesson we learned from this story is that we should not be lazy 
rather we should be active.

C. Retell the story to your friends, making the queen the main character.
Answer - Once upon a time there was a very brave horse rider who had a very shy brother.
One day, the king confessed to them that the country was going to be attacked by evil forces. The day arrived after some time and happened what the king had said.
The brave brother tried to attack back but failed, so they made the shy brother fight against the evil forces, there was no other option than war.

The whole kingdom fought until the shy brother beat the evil forces and save the kingdom.
 That is the reason why the shy brother was crowned, becoming a king. He made a big a big effort not to happen the same again, not to have to fight again and to make sure that peace was to reign.
 And so it was, everybody lived relaxed and happy with their families.

Do yourself
Answer Comming soon......

Grammar II
A. Study these sentences.
a. The king would be treated only if he came on foot to the holy
man’s residence.
b. If Sarita had an android mobile phone, she would join the virtual
c. If the king had lived an active life, his health would not have
d. Had she studied hard, she would have secured the best result.
e. If we had listened to the radio, we would have heard the news.
f. It would not surprise me if he knew the answer.

B. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs given in the brackets.
a. I had seen Tshering a few minutes ago. If you had come round earlier, you ......(see) him too.
Answer - would have seen

b. I wish I were a bird. If I were a bird, I ..... (fly) round the world.
Answer - would fly

c. Provided that you......(be) twenty, you could play the match.
Answer - were

d. George was happy that he came to Nepal. If he hadn’t, he ....(not see) Mt. Everest.
Answer - would not have seen

e. What would you do if you ...(win) the lottery of Rs. 1,00,000?
Answer - won

f. Seema missed the bus to go home. If she ....(come) in time, she would have caught the bus.
Answer - had come

g. She would lose weight if she ..... (not eat) a lot of sweets.
Answer - didn't  eat

h. They might have helped you if you ....(ask) them.
Answer - have asked

i. If he ...(drive) more carefully, he might not have had that accident.
Answer - have driven

j. If everyone ....(turn) off unwanted lights, we could save a lot of electricity.
Answer - turned

C. Complete each sentence in a suitable way.
a. If you had studied well, .................
Answer- you would have passed the exam.

b. If you asked me, ..........
Answer- I would tell the truth.

c. If we had gone to the cinema, .............
Answer- we could have missed the seminar.

d. If you spoke English, .............
Answer- you could chat with them easily.

e. If they listened to me, ..................
Answer- they would not be at a loss. 

f. ....................... if I had your address.
Answer- I would have attended the ceremony if

g. ....................... I would have taken part in the contest.
Answer- If I had had time for preparation

h. ....................... we would walk to the museum.
Answer- If we had a holiday, 

i. ................... if there were not many sharks there.
Answer-  We could bath in the sea

j. ................... if she had taken the right bus.
Answer- She would have reached on time

Writing II
Kwati is a popular Newari food item. Here are the steps of preparing it.
Arrange them in the correct order and write the recipe for making it.
d. Melt ghee in a pressure cooker.
a. Put cumin seeds and carom seeds in a pan and fry them.
e. Add onion, then bay leaves and ginger garlic paste.
b. Add tomatoes, turmeric powder and coriander powder.
c. Fry until tomato is tender.
f. Now, add sprouted mix beans (Kwati) and then red chilli powder.
g. Fry for 5-6 minutes.
i. Add hot water then salt and garam masala.
h. Cook for about 4-5 whistles.
j. Kwati is ready to be served.

Project work

Health is Wealth

As we all know, the popular and common saying is “Health is Wealth.” It is as true as our life. Good health keeps us always happy and gives us a feeling of complete physical, mental, social, and intellectual well-being. Good health keeps us away from diseases and health disorders. The loss of good health causes a loss of all happiness. Mahatma Gandhi, a great freedom fighter (also called Bapu), said, “It is health which is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.”

Good health helps us to live a good, balanced and healthy life. Our good health needs several things to get done daily. We need fresh air, clean water, proper sunlight, a balanced diet, away from junk food, a clean and healthy atmosphere, a greener environment, a morning walk, personal hygiene, proper education, etc.

Healthy food at the proper time is necessary for a healthy body which is possible only through a well-balanced diet. It promotes the proper growth and development of our body which keeps us mentally, physically, and socially healthy. With the help of our good health, we can fight any bad situations in life. We should never forget that we need proper food, water, air, physical activity, sleep and rest daily.

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