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 Class 9 English Guide
Unit - 9
Work and Leisure Guide

Read the following quotations and discuss what you think they mean.
Similarly, "Any time is a good time to start a company" simply means that there is no set time to start a company and that the beginning of any new venture or task is likely going to be difficult for us. However, when we start the work with careful planning, time can work wonders and we can accomplish the work ultimately. If we wait for the ideal moment, we will have to wait our entire lives. So, regardless of our age, we can start our own business if we do our research and learn about the market. "We work to earn our leisure," we put in a lot of effort and do what we can to eventually get 
the enjoyment of leisure. We cannot enjoy leisure without first working. We can have a simple and enjoyable time later if we work hard and wisely now. Much like the proverb, "Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise." According to this assertion, we should first put the action into practice rather than just discussing it. People won't perceive us as capable beings if we only talk and lack initiative. Therefore, we must labor diligently in silence, and success will eventually make noise.

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Reading I
Look at the following picture and answer these questions.
a. What do you think the two insects are doing?
Answer -  In my view, while looking at the picture, the two insects are chatting, dancing and enjoying themselves with each other.

b. What do you think happens to them when winter comes?
Answer - 
When winter comes, I think life would be difficult and they will go to winter sleep. 

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Short Summary
Then the ant gives him her classic answer: "What were you doing in summer time?" "Saving your presence, I sang, I sang all day, all night." "You sang. Why, then go and dance." I could not help thinking of this fable when the other day I saw George Ramsay lunching by himself in a restaurant.

The Ramsays were perfectly respectable people and there was every reason to suppose that Tom Ramsay would have a useful and honourable career.

Once or twice he fell to Tom's promises of amendment and gave him considerable sums in order that he might make a fresh start.

On these Tom bought a motor-car and some very nice jewellery.

When circumstances forced George to realise that his brother would never settle down and he washed his hands of him, Tom, without a qualm, began to blackmail him.

The man Tom had cheated, a man called Cronshaw, was vindictive.

I have never seen him in such a rage as when he heard that Tom and Cronshaw had gone off together to Monte Carlo the moment they cashed the cheque.

A. Choose appropriate words from the box below to replace the colored words in the given sentences.
a. If your talent combines with diligence, you can excel in your field.
Answer - industry

b. The dessert menu has a lot of delicious temptations.
Answer - enticements

c. The house passed the bill without listening to the public objections.
Answer - expostulations

d. Knowledge of the ill effects of tobacco has led to modifications in smoking behaviour.
Answer - amendments

e. Without any regret, Yule started spending his father's inheritance.
Answer - qualm

f. Mr. Smith read a humorous story which matched his real life.
Answer - obliged

Class 9 English Guide
Unit - 9
Work and Leisure Guide

B. Put the following sentences from the story in the correct order.
h. The Ramsays were perfectly respectable people.
b. Tom left his wife and his office.
c. When his money was spent, he borrowed it from friends and spent it on luxuries.
d. George continued to pay for his brother's expenses.
g. Tom promised to make a fresh start.
e. Tom bought a motor-car and some very nice jewellery.
i. Tom never settled down.
a. Tom began to blackmail his brother for money.
f. Tom took the help of Cronshaw to cheat his brother, and left for Monte Carlo.

C. Answer the following questions.
a. Why is Tom described as the ‘black sheep’ of the Ramsay family?
Answer - ('Black sheep' refers to a member of a family or group who is a disgrace or problematic to it.) Tom is described as the 'black sheep' of the Ramsay family because he thought of himself and enjoyed only, didn't work at all and gave a lot of trouble to other members of the Ramsay family

b. What was a respectable profession for Tom?
Answer - Going on to business was a respectable profession for Tom.

c. Why was George Ramsay staring into space?
Answer - George Ramsay was staring into space because he was in deep gloom and looked as though the burden of the whole world sat on his shoulders.

d. Why did Tom leave his work and wife?
Answer - Tom left his work and wife because he didn't like to work and wanted to enjoy himself.

e. How did Tom manage his life when he ran out of money in the beginning?
Answer - Tom managed his life by borrowing with friends when he ran out of money in the beginning.

f. How did Cronshaw and Tom cheat George?
Answer - Cronshaw accused Tom as a scoundrel and was ready to take to the court. Knowing this, George paid five hundred pounds settle the affair. Later, he came to know that this was all planning of Cronshaw and his brother Tom. In this way, Cronshaw and Tom cheated on Geroge.

g. What made George realise that his brother would never settle down?
Answer - George gave money to his brother Tom to make a fresh start, bought a motor car and some very nice jewellery. This made George realize that his brother would never settle down. 

h. What is the moral of the story ‘The Ant and Grasshopper?
Answer - he moral of the story "The Ant and Grasshopper' given here in our text is "One slays, another pays."

D. Read the story again and write a brief summary.
Answer - The story of the ant and the grasshopper was told to the speaker as a young child. The grasshopper would always sing and lay around while the ant used to gather food for the winter. When he ran into George Ramsay the other day, staring into the void, he recalled this fable. The Ramsays were honorable individuals. Tom Ramsay, the brother of George Ramsay, was probing rather than laborious. He started a business, but abandoned it because he found it uninteresting. Along with leaving his business, he also took his wife, two kids, and two dogs on the road. When he didn't have any money, he borrowed it from friends, and George kept assisting him with the money in the hope that he would launch a new business.

E. How do you characterize yourself, as the ant or the grasshopper?Rank yourself on the scale.
Answer -
Industrious Ant After reading the story, I characterize myself more as the ant. It is so because I'm a hardworking student reading in Grade 9. I don't earn money and I depend on the money that my parents earn. My parents spend a huge amount of money on my study. I understand their dedication to me and I too work hard in my study. However, sometimes I spend a little bit extra money when my friends compel me to go outing and for enjoyment along with them. Because of this reason, I woud give myself 8 points if I had to rank myself in the given scale.

Grammar I
B. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of have, get or make.
a. Did they ........... you give a speech on behalf of the group?
Answer - make

b. Instead of buying a new car, why don't you ...... the old one fixed?
Answer - have

c. I ......... my hair cut tomorrow morning.
Answer - will have

d. The teacher .......... every one of us to write an essay yesterday.
Answer - got

e. Ms Shrestha usually ............. her hair dried at the hairdresser’s.
Answer - have

f. My mum always ........... me clean my room on Saturdays.
Answer - makes

g. I .......... my landlord to fix the broken windowpane this morning.
Answer - got

h. Suman .......... all the Maths problems solved by the teacher.
Answer - had

C. Rewrite the sentences with have, get or make.

a. She will ask her sister to light the lamp.
Answer - She will get her sister to light the lamp.

b. I am going to ask the dentist to fill my teeth.
Answer - I am having the dentist fill my teeth. 

c. Will you ask the barber to cut your hair?
Answer - Will you get the barber to cut your hair?

d. I can’t design my house myself. So I am going to ask an architect to do it.
Answer - I am making an architect design my house.

e. The girl asked her mechanic to repair her moped.
Answer - The girl made her mechanic repair her watch

f. The landlady asks the gardener to cut the grass.
Answer - The landlady gets the gardener to cut the grass.

D. Choose the best alternatives and complete the sentences.
a. Mina got Shambhu .................. (carry/to carry/carried) hersuitcase.
Answer - to carry

b. Rita had Ankit ..................... (wash/to wash/washed) her clothes.
Answer - wash

c. They got me ......... (dance/to dance/danced) at my brother's wedding.
Answer - to dance

d. Kumari was made.............(turn on/to turn on/turned on) the television.
Answer - turn on

e. Barsha got new books ............... (buy/to buy//bought) her last week.
Answer - bought

f. Upendra got Mukesh ............ (watch/to watch/watched) his house.
Answer - to watch

g. My father is very kind. He never makes us ......... (do/to do/ done) heavy work.
Answer - do

h. The film was very humorous. It made us all..................... (laugh/to laugh/laughed) throughout the film.
Answer - laugh

i. His hair was too long. So he had it ..................... (cut/to cut/ cutting) yesterday.
Answer - cut

j. The manager.................(made/got/make) his secretary attend the conference.
Answer - made

k. Mathew made the mechanic ..................... (overhaul/to overhaul/overhauling) his car.
Answer - overhaul

l. Smith had Jacque .................. (fetch/to fetch/fetched) a pail of water.
Answer - fetch

m. My maths teacher asked us to remember all the theorems. In other words, we were made ......... (remember/remembered/to remember) all the theorems.
Answer - remember

Writing I
A. Study the chart below and answer the following questions.

a. What kind of chart is this?
Answer - Do yourself

b. What data does it represent?
Answer - The data represents the number of students present in the months  September, October, November and December.

B. The following verbs are used to describe different trends or patterns of data. Put them under the appropriate headings.
Answer - do yourself

C. Interpret the bar chart above using appropriate verbs. Make comparisons where applicable.You may use the expressions given below.
Answer - 
The chart represents the average daily attendance of the students for the given four months. The x-axis represents the months and the y axis represents the number of students. According to the chart, 24, 27, 21 and 16 students attended in the month of September, October, November and December respectively. This shows that the highest number of students attending the class was in the month of October. While most of the students attended the class in the month of October. On the other hand, the attendance was least in the month of December. Overall, the attendance trend is upward in the beginning | and is gradually declining. 

Reading II
Look at the picture below and answer the following questions.
a. What do you see in the picture?
Answer - In the given picture, we can see the horses drinking water, squirrel 
like animals searching for food, the river, forest and flowers. Overall, the picture wants to show us the beauty of nature.

b. How is human life different from the lives of animals?
Answer - Humans are too much busy in their life. They don't have time to view nature's beauty whereas animals have the freedom to look at the view of natural beauty enjoying with it.


Short summary
WHAT is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?
No time to stand beneath the boughs,
And stare as long as sheep and cows:
No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass:
No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night:
No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance:
No time to wait till her mouth can,
Enrich that smile her eyes began?
A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

A. Match the words with their meanings.
a. stare-------iv. to look at somebody or something for a long time
b. beneath---v. under somebody or something
c. woods-----i. an area of trees
d. enrich----ii. to improve the quality of something
e. glance----iii. to look quickly at somebody or something

B. Answer the following questions.
a. Why is our life so miserable, according to the poet?
Answer - According to the poet, our life is so miserable because we don't have time to view the natural beauty.

b. What do sheep and cows do in nature?
Answer - Sheep and cows graze in nature.

c. What do squirrels do in the woods?
Answer - Squirrels hide their food in the woods.

d. What magic does Beauty perform?
Answer - The magic that Beauty performs is she can dance beautifully. 

e. What is human life like, if observed carefully?
Answer - If we observe carefully, human life is very miserable.

C. How do you spend your leisure time? Write a short paragraph.
Answer- I usually spend my leisure time gardening flowers. In front of my house, there is a small garden where I have planted different flowers. I visit them in the morning and evening but for a short time because I haye to do my other activities too. So, whenever I have my leisure time, I spend most of my time gardening. I water them and pluck out the weeds. The flowers that bloom in the garden so beautifully make my house look so attractive. So, I love gardening in my leisure time.

Grammar II
B. Change the following sentences into passive voice.
a. Someone is helping her with the housework.
Answer - She is being helped with the housework.

b. The mail-order company sent him a parcel.
Answer - A parcel was sent to him (by the mail-order company).

c. My friend sent me an invitation.
Answer - An invitation was sent to me (by my friend).

d. The secretary has given the minister the letters.
Answer - The minister has been given the letters (by the secretary).

e. The traffic police officer had already fined him for a parking offence.
Answer - He had already been fined for a parking offence (by the traffic policemen.)

f. John gave Elizabeth that beautiful ring.
Answer - That beautiful ring was given to Elizabeth (by John).

g. Her students have sent her flowers.
Answer - She has been sent flowers (by her students).

h. He must give the message to the right person.
Answer - The message must be given to the right person (by him).

i. We teach our students English and French.
Answer - English and French are taught to our students (by us)

j. Someone bought flowers for the bride.
Answer - The flowers were bought for the bride.

k. The guide showed the tourists the sights of Pokhara.
Answer - The sights of Pokhara were shown to the tourist (by the guide) 

l. They pay her an excellent salary.
Answer - An excellent salary is paid to her (by them).

C. Fill in the blanks with the correct passive form of the verbs in the brackets.
Answer - 
1. believed
2. will be visited
3. was constructed
4. is not completely finished
5. will be completed
6. can be booked
7. where bought
8. is financed
9. are given
10. will be invited

Writing II
Write an essay about ‘Work and Leisure’ in approximately 200 words. You can use the given prompts.
Answer - 
Work means the activity which we perform to fulfil our livelihood. We spend our time and effort for the value of money. Leisure has often been defined as a quality or experience or free time. 
What we do usually for money. While, leisure is what we choose to do in our free time usually for pleasure, or rele 
time usually for pleasure, or relaxation. Work is productive. Leisure may or may not be productive but must not involve 
dual's duties and functions in the workplace. However, leisure is also equally important in order to recharge or refresh a person physically mentally and socially. When people are busy with work intensively, then they cannot spare wough time for their family and entertainment or even themselves. This results in work leisure conflict leaving the person tired and dissatisfied. The importance of leisure has grown in the recent corporate culture. 1 eisure participation has a beneficial effect on satisfaction, psychological well-being, and health of a person. It helps in enhancing skill, creativity and work effort to further improve the performance at the workplace. Work exhaustion worsens the mental and physical state of a being. Only leisure also does not provide us with the money and skills we need to survive in general. So, both work and leisure are integral parts of any human being. Thus, we need to learn to balance our work and leisure so that we can be benefitted from both of them.

Project work
do yourself

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