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 Class 9 English Guide
Unit - 15
People and Lifestyle Guide

Look at each pair of pictures and talk about the differences with your classmates.
Answer - 
In the first picture, we see a teacher teaching her students in the classroom. In the second picture, we can see the students studying in a smart class and - learning with the help of laptops. Similarly in the third picture, we can see some farmers harvesting their crops in a traditional way. In the last picture, we can see the crops being harvested by modern machines.

Reading I
Look at the picture and answer the following questions.
Answer -
 I think the name of the girl is Anne Frank.

a. What do you think the name of the girl is?
b. What do you think made her so popular?
Answer - I think she wrote a popular diary expressing the experiences of the age of thirteen-year-old schoolgirl. That's why she is popular.

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The Diary Of A Young Girl

The meanings of some of the words/phrases from Anne Frank's diary are given below. Find the words from the text and write them.
Answer - 
a. musing
b. stiff
c. brooding
d. throng
e. resort
f. confide
g. liable
h. plunge
i. plunk
j. jot down

B. Match the words in column 'A' with their synonyms in column 'B'.
Answer - 
Column A           Column B
a. listless-------v. lethargic
b. adoring------iii. loving
c. decree--------i. announcement
d. adorable----iv. attractive
e. anxiety-------vi. worry
f. capitulation---vii surrender
g. solemn--------ii. serious

C. Answer the following questions.
a. Why is writing a diary a strange thing to the writer?
Answer - Writing a diary is a strange thing to the writer because she has never written anything before and she feels that no one gets  interested in the musing of a thirteen-year-old school girl's diary.

b. What is the first reason for her to keep the diary?
Answer - The first reason for her to keep the diary is she doesn't have any 
friends to share her feelings and ideas.

c. Why is the writer unhappy despite having a loving family?
Answer - The writer is unhappy despite having a loving family because she doesn't have true friends with whom she could spend time.

d. Who is Kitty?
Answer - Kitty is the writer's imaginative friend.

e. Why did Margot and her sister not go to Holland together?
Answer - Margot and her sister did not go to Holland together because they were sent to Aachen to stay with their grandmother.

f. Why didn't the writer have a birthday celebration in 1940?
Answer - The writer didn't have a birthday celebration in 1940 because the war started and Jews started suffering due to the German's attack.

g. Why did the writer's uncle escape from Germany?
Answer - The writer's uncle escaped from Germany because they were suffering under Hitler's anti-Jewish laws.

D. Write T if the information is true, F if it is false and NG, if the information is not given.
Answer - 
a. T
b. F
c. NG
d. F
e. F
f. NG
g. NG

E. How does a diary entry help in understanding someone's lifestyle? Explain.
Answer - 
A person's diary is a collection of their life's experiences. Our thoughts, ideas, feelings, information, and experience are all better organized as a result. The best way to give meaning to our thoughts, ideas, feelings, knowledge, and experiences is through a journal. Writing a diary helps us think more clearly and can even make us more evocative in our thought processes. A diary enables a person to write down and express ideas that, despite the intended recipient being present, they are unable to do so in person. We can learn more about a person by reading their diary. A diary entry therefore aids in understanding a person's lifestyle.

Grammar I
A. Complete the sentences with the present perfect or present perfect continuous forms of these verbs.
a. The games for over an hour.
Answer - have been playing

b. You.................TV all afternoon.
Answer - have been watching

c. The road is wet; it............ just ................. heavily.
Answer - has just rained

d. "Why are your clothes wet?" " I ......... just ............. the plants."
Answer - have just watered

e. I ......... the flat for two hours.
Answer - have cleaned

f. You look tired. What........ you.........?
Answer - have you done

g. I'm sorry I'm late. ......... you ........ long?
Answer - have you been waiting

B. Put the words in brackets into the gaps. Use either present perfect or the present perfect continuous.
Answer - 
a. have you known 
b. have you been doing 
c. has Charles visited
d. has been learning 
e. have been watched 
f. has never eaten 
g. have not seen 
h. has been writing, has not finished

Writing I

Keep a diary for a week. Mention the activities you did during the day. Also express your views and attitudes about a particular incident on each day.
Answer - 021 Today, I woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning. After freshening up, I went jogging. While jogging, I saw a 60 years old man doing some exercises and yoga. I was amazed by the stamina and perseverance shown by the old man. This inspired me to work hard on my physical strength and care for my body. I went to school after eating my breakfast. During the assembly, one of the students fainted due to the scorching heat. After school, I returned to my home and had daily meals and homework activities. 2nd April 2021 | It is a brand new day today. I woke at around 5 o'clock this morning. It turned out to be my usual day with jogging, breakfast, school and dinner. 3rd April 2021 Today was the result day. I was so nervous about my result because my exam wasn't as expected. I got blessings from my parents and prayed to god hoping for a good result. The result came out satisfactory so it was an amazing day for me. 4th April 2021. Today is a tour day. Our school had organized a mini-tour to the Swoyambhu museum. I went to school at 10 am wearing casual attire and carrying a tiffin box and a notebook. We visited there and found many interesting artefacts from Nepalese history. I ate my sandwich during the break. We completed our tour around 5 pm and returned to our homes by bus. It was a really tiring day for me. 5th April 2022 On this day, I saw an accident on my way to school. A bus and bike crashed| and two people were injured. They were taken to the hospital immediately. It was a bad experience for me. 6th April 2022 .Today was a school holiday. So, I went to the nearby village for a football tournament. Our team won the game and trophy. It was an amazing day. 7th April 2022 I did not go outside of my house today. I had done household work such as cleaning, taking baths, washing clothes and so on. I spent the day well with 
my family. 

Class 9 English Guide 
Unit - 15 People and Lifestyle Guide

Reading II
Look at the pictures below and guess the answers to these questions.
a. Who are these people?
Answer - These people are Rautes

b. What do you know about these people?
Answer - These people are one of the most typical indigenous groups of Nepal sustaining their unique cultural intitiedes for generations. 

The Rautes

A. Find the words from the text and fill in the cross word puzzle.
Answer - 
1. nomadic 
2. widespread 
6. patriarchal 
7. extensive 
8. indigenous 

1. commendable 
4. remarkable 
5. prominent

B. Identify whether the following statements are true or false.
Answer - 
a. True
b. True
c. True
d. True
e. False

C. Answer the following questions.
a. What is the common belief about the history of the Rautes?
Answer - The common belief about the history of the Rautes is that once they fled from the state, they never returned and established a different pattern of life in the jungle.

b. How do Rautes earn their living?
Answer - Rautes earn their living by doing different activities such as they nave mastered the craft of wooden products, learned to hunt monkeys and adapted to forest life. 

c. How do Raute children spend their days?
Answer - Raute children spend their days playing with natural objects and 
roaming around the settlement.

d. Why do the Rautes have good knowledge of the forest and its ecosystem?
Answer -  have good knoRauteswledge of the forest, and its ecosystem because it is a part of their job to search for medicinal herbs firewood and vegetables in the jungle. 

e. Is the task division between male and female Rautes fair? Why?
Answer - Though females play a more prominent role than their male counterparts in internal management, the society of Rautes is patriarchal and male-dominated. This shows that the females in Raute community are more confined within the household works. Therefore, the task division between male and female Rautes doesn't appear to be fair..

f. What is special about the hunting skills of the Rautes?
Answer - The hunting skills of the Rautes is special because around 8-30 young and middle-aged Raute members go hunting in a group with their nets without using guns or bows and arrows. 

g. Name the festivals that the Rautes celebrate.
Answer - The festivals that the Rautes celebrate are Saune Sankranti,  Dashain, Tihar, Chaite Dashain and Maghe Sakranti. 

h. What should modern people learn from the Rautes?
Answer - There are many things that modern people should learn from Rautes. Some of them are: - Modern people should get knowledge about medicinal herbs and forests. Modern people should understand the relationship between human beings and forests and the ecosystem. Modern people should preserve their traditions and cultures in today's world.

D. How do cultures and traditions affect people's lifestyles? Discuss.
Answer - Do yourself

Grammar II
B. Rewrite the following sentences with since or for. Use the clues in the brackets.
a. Pawan lives in Tanahun. (he was born)
Answer - Pawan lives in Tanahaun since he was born. Subin is unemployed.

b. Subin is unemployed. (last January)
Answer - Subin is unemployed. (last January)

c. Subash has a fever. (the last few days)
Answer - Subash has a fever for the last few days.

d. I want to go to Lumbini. (I was in grade five)
Answer - I want to go to Lumbini since I was in grade five.

e. My brother is studying engineering. (three years)
Answer - My brother is studying engineering for three years.

f. I am working in Bhanu Municipality. (last year)
Answer - I am working in Bhanu Municipality since last year

g. My cousin is in the army. (he was eighteen)
Answer - My cousin is in the army since he was eighteen.

h. They are waiting for the bus. (half an hour)
Answer - They are waiting for the bus for half an hour.

i. Krish is doing his homework. (two hours)
Answer - Krish is doing his homework for two hours.

j. Pramila is going to dance classes. (a month)
Answer - Pramila is going to dance classes for a month.

Writing II
Write an essay on the effects junk foods have on children. Use the clues given below.
Answer - 
 Effects junk foods have on children
All foods that are unimportant to our bodies are referred to as junk foods because they are harmful to our health. Junk foods are described as having very little nutritional value. Junk food is low in fiber, has a higher concentration of sugary or salty ingredients, and is high in saturated fats. Students' Essay on Junk Food & Its Effects

Because they are delicious to eat and simple to prepare, people are eating more junk food. Junk foods include all fast foods, including pizza, noodles, hamburgers, French fries, and chips.

Junk food is deficient in nutrients and dietary fibers, two things that are crucial for maintaining good health. Leafy green vegetables and fruits make the best alternatives to processed foods.

The effects of junk food very bad for childrens.

Project work
Do yourself

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