Class 9 English Guide 2080 : Unit - 17 Global Warming and Climate Change Guide

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Class 9 English Guide
 Unit - 17
Global Warming and Climate Change Guide

Look at the pictures and discuss the causes and consequences of global warming and climate change.
Answer - The major causes of global warming and climate change are listed below:: 
Cutting down forests Using old vehicles and means of transportation Emission of nitroxide due to excessive use of fertilizers Burning of fossil fuels and biomass - Haphazardly established industries and companies The major consequences of global warming and climate change are listed below: Increase in the earth temperature and wild fires Declining water supplies. Reduced agricultural yield Skin diseases and other health-related issues .

Reading I
Answer the following questions.
a. What is the name of your favourite movie?
Answer - The name of my favorite movie is Avatar.

b. What sort of movie is it?
Answer - It is a Hollywood science-fiction movie which is based on the story in Pandora planet. It is also a scientific movie.

c. What do you like about the movie? What are its weaknesses?
Answer - In the movie Avatar, the life of another planet is presented marvellously. This film shows how living beings are connoted to nature which I like most. Its weakness is it doesn't show how an avatar is formed on another planet. 

Movie Review: 'Chasing Ice'

A. Match the following words with their meanings.
Answer - 
a. ----------v
b. -----------iv
c. ----------i
d. ----------ii
e. ------------iii

B. Find the words from the text and fill in the crossword puzzle.
Answer - 
3. footage 
5. trace 
6. documentary 

1. erosion 
2. scepticism 
4. intense 
7. accomplish 

C. Complete the sentences with the appropriate words/phrases from the text 'Chasing Ice'.
Answer - 
a. global warming and climate change
b. Los Angeles
c. National Geographic
d. glaciers
e. scientific facts
f. bigger screen
g. glaciologist climatologist
h. environment theories

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D. Answer the following questions.
a. What kind of film is Chasing Ice?
Answer - Chasing lee is a worthwhile documentary that combines intriguing 
theories and exquisite images.

b. What is the main objective of the film?
Answer -  The main objective of the film is to think critically about climate change and global warming.

c. Why did Balog and his team set up cameras in different places?
Answer - Balog and his team set up cameras in different places because they wanted to monitor over the course of three years and to get footage of glacial erosion. 

d. What helps the audience experience what is happening in the Arctic Zones?
Answer - Balog's photographs and time-lapse footage of glaciers "calving" or breaking apart into icebergs help the audience experience what is happening in the Arctic Zones.

e. How did Balog try to make the film interesting?
Answer - Balog includes too many scientific details and makes the data easy to understand which makes the film interesting. 

f. Why is Chasing Ice a worthwhile film?
Answer -  Chasing Ice is a worthwhile film because it is a documentary that deals with climate change caused by glacial erosion that combing intriguing theories and exquisite. 

E. Work in a group of four or five. Suggest five practical ways to slow down the adverse effects of climate change.
Answer - 
The five practical ways to slow down the adverse effects of climate change are as follows: 
  • We must plant trees in open places and barren land. 
  • We must support more local businesses that use and promote sustainable climate-smart practices. 
  • We should use more recyclable and reusable products. 
  • We must adopt a plant-based diet. 
  • We should use electric vehicles and appliances instead of those using fossil fuels. 

Grammar I
A. Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the verbs in the brackets.
Answer -
a. will have 
b. will have finished
c. will be learnt
d. is staying
e. will be building
f. will have found
g. are staying
h. will win
i. will have prepared
j. will watch
k. is raining

B. Rewrite the following paragraph using the verbs in future tense.
Answer - 
I will travel to London to visit the Queen of England. I will disguise myself as a prince and will walk into Buckingham Palace. After receiving directions from a chambermaid, I will step into the Queen's |bedroom and surprise Her Royal Highness with a hearty slap on the back. Then, of course, I will tip my hat, bow, and deliver the usual compliments. After uncorking a bottle of champagne, we will exchange pleasantries and talk about our families for more than an hour. I will show her my photograph album and my stamp collection. She will show me her historic collection of jewels. After a thoroughly entertaining visit, I will trade email addresses with Her Majesty and |then kiss her goodbye—on the fingertips of her white gloves, of course. 

Writing I
Write a short review of your favourite movie. You may use the movie review inReading I as a model.
Answer - Do yourself

Class 9 English Guide
 Unit - 17
Global Warming and Climate Change Guide

Reading II
Look at the picture and answer the following questions.
a. Where do you think the man is?
Answer - I think the man is in the garden.

b. How old do you think he is?
Answer - I think he might be in his late thirties or early forties. 

c. What might he be doing?
Answer - He might be digging the field and burying something.

A Noisy Party

A. Find the words from the text above that match with the given meanings.
Answer - 
a. matter
b. disgusting
c. row
d. gosh
e. goldfish
f. bury

B. Choose the correct answer for the following.
a. What is the relationship between Ramila and Ramesh?
Answer - iii. husband and wife

b. Who is woken up by the noise?
Answer - iii. Silu's mother

c. Why is Ramila certain that it's not the milkman in their neighbour's garden?
Answer -  ii. because it's too early for a milkman to deliver milk

d. What do Ramesh and Ramila suspect about Mr Dahal?
Answer - iii. They think he has killed Mrs Dahal.

e. What was Mr Dahal actually doing in the garden?
Answer - i. He was burying the dead fish.

f. What was the party like last night?
Answer - ii

g. Who had broken the goldfish tank?
Answer - ii. Mrs Dahal

C. Write T for true statements, F for false ones and NG if the information is not given in the text.
a. Silu is the daughter of Ramesh and Ramila.
Answer - T

b. Ramesh and Ramila are disturbed by the first noise at midnight.
Answer - T

c. The Dahals have a good relationship with their neighbours.
Answer - NG

d. The Dahals always quarrel after parties.
Answer - F

e. Ramesh and Ramila called the police to arrest Mr Dahal.
Answer - F

f. Mr Dahal wants his children to know about the death of the fish.
Answer - F

D. Have you ever been disturbed in the middle of the night? What happened? Share your experiences with your friends.
Answer - Yesterday night, I was in a deep sleep. There was no one in the house as my parents had gone to the village for a relative's wedding. My brother also had gone to his friend's house. So, I finished supper early and tucked myself to sleep by 10 pm. I had been alone at the house before so I had no problem. Suddenly, I heard a sound which disturbed me and I woke up to look at the clock. It was already past midnight. I heard someone by the door. At first, I thought it was a cat but it continued to play around the locks lil a person. I was scared that it could be a thief. Maybe someone had known that there were no elder people at home. I didn't make a single sound. I slowly woke up and grabbed a stick. I could hear someone picking up the lock. At first, I thought of calling my parents but it would be too late. I slowly went to the front door and waited. Suddenly, the door opened and I hit the person on his head. The person somehow managed to save his head but got injured on his hand. He yelled loudly. Alas! and I came to know that he was my own brother. 

Grammar II
A. Change the following statements into questions, asking for information as indicated in the brackets.
a. They went to Spain last week. (When)
Answer - When did they go to Spain?

b. Mr Chaudhari lives in Pokhara. (Where)
Answer - Where does Mr. Chaudhari live?

c. I finally discovered the truth. (What)
Answer - What did I finally discover?

d. She wants to learn the English language to find a better job. (Why)
Answer - Why does she want to learn the English language?

e. They are having lunch now. (What)
Answer -  What are they having now?

f. You can send the application by mail. (How)
Answer - How can you send the application?

g. They have informed the police about the incident. (Whom)
Answer - Whom have they informed about the incident?

h. The Smiths sold the house where they had lived for five years. (Which)
Answer - Which house did Smiths sell?

B. Change the following questions into indirect speech. Use the given sentence starters.
Answer - 
a. “Where are you from?" 
My new friend asked me where I was from. 

“Where is the nearest bank?” 
The stranger enquired where the nearest bank was. 

c. "What have you been doing until now?" 
My mother wanted to know 

what I had been doing until then. 
They said, “How long have you been living here?” 

They asked how long I had been living there. 
"Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?" 
My brother wanted to know who the Prime Minister of Canada was. 

f. "What does your father do?" 
Rohan enquired what my father did. 

g. "Where were you living before you came here? 
She asked me where 

we had been living before we came there. 
"Who will bell the cat? 

The old mouse asked 
who would bell the cat.

 'What time does the train leave?' 
She wanted to know 
what time did the train leave.

 j. "How could you desert me?' 
 She wondered how he could desert her. 

C. Collect at least ten statements and change them into wh-questions. Swap with a partner and check each other's answers.
Do yourself

Writing II
A. Read the following notice and underline all the important
Do yourself

B. Imagine, your school is organising an Inter-house Spelling Contest next week. Prepare a short announcement notice on behalf of your head teacher.
Answer - 

Shree Bajra Guru Secondary School 
___Saker-10, Rolpa 20th April 2021 

Notice This is to notify all the students and teachers that the school is organizing an Inter-house spelling contest next week from 27th August 2022 to 29th August 2022. All the house captains are required to provide the name of the participants of their respective houses 
by 25th August 2022. 

Project work
Do yourself

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