Class 9 English Guide 2080 :Unit - 16 Games and Sports Guide

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Class 9 English Guide

Unit - 16
Games and Sports Guide

Look at the pictures and identify the sports. Then, talk about them in pairs using ‘can, can’t, be able to’.
Answer - 
The sports given in the picture are: 
a. Rugby 
b. Hockey
c. Kabaddi 
d. Basketball 
e . Running race 
f. Cycling 

A: Can you play rugby? 
B: Yes, I can play rugby. 

A: Can you play hockey? 
B: No, I can't play rugby. 

A. Are you able to play kabaddi? 
B: Yes, I'm able to play kabaddi.
A: Can you play basketball? 
B: No, I can't play basketball. 

 A: Are you able to participate in running race? 
B: Yes, I am able to participate in running race. 

A: Can you participate in upcoming cycle race? 
B: Sorry, I can't participate in upcoming cycle race.

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Reading I
Look at the pictures and answer these questions.
a. What is the name of the sport?
Answer - The name of the sport shown in the given pictures is Tennis.

b. Can you identify the players? Name them.
Answer - The players shown in the first picture are Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. Likewise, the players shown in the second picture are Simona Halep and Serena Williams. They all four are great tennis players. 


A. Match the words in column A with the meanings in column B.
Answer - 
Column A      Column B
a.-------------- vi
b. ------------- iv
c. --------------i
d. -------------vii
e. -------------ii
f. --------------v
g. -------------iii

B. State whether the given statements are True or False.
Answer - 
a. True
b. False
c. False
d. True
e. False
f. True

C. Answer the following questions.
a. How is Wimbledon different from other Grand Slam tournaments?
Answer - Wimbledon is the most prestigious and world's oldest tennis tournament. It is one of the four Grand slam tennis held each year. These tournaments are considered the most important competitions which is only played on traditional grass courts.

b. State the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments.
Answer - The four Grand slam tennis tournaments are as follows: 
a. The Wimbledon
b. The French Open 
c. The US Open 
d . The Australian Open 

c. What are the five main events of Wimbledon?
Answer - The five main events of Wimbledon are as follows: 
a. Gentlemen's singles 
b. Mixed doubles
c. Ladies doubles 
d. Ladies doubles 
e. Ladies singles 

d. What can tennis fans do if they don’t win a ticket in the public ballot?
Answer - Tennis fans can queue up overnight to get seats on matchday if they don't win a ticket in the public ballot.

e. Why was Wimbledon Centre Court fitted with a rectangle roof?
Answer - Wimbledon centre court was fitted with a rectangle roof helping to  substantially reduce the loss of playing time caused by bad weather.

f. What is inscribed on the of Gentlemen’s Singles trophy?
Answer - The inscription in the trophy of Gentlemen's singles is 'All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World.

g. Who won the Gentlemen’s Singles and Ladies’ Singles in 2019?
Answer - Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep won the Gentlemen's Singles and Ladies' Singles in 2019 respectively.

D. Why is it important to have tournaments for wheel chair users?
Answer - Wheelchair tennis is an amazing sport that enables those recovering from a serious injury to socialize and connect with their family and friends. It also helps them rebuild their life after their injury. Another unique benefit of wheelchair tennis is that it allows someone who is in a wheelchair to play on the same court with able-bodied friends and family. Finally, it also plays an important role in the rehabilitation process, one that can help participants build and sustain a positive outlook on life. Due to these above reasons, it is important to have tournaments for those with wheelchairs.  Pronunclatlon (5 tūRUT) Read the following part of the poem "The Chaos" by Gerard NolstTrenité.

B. Work in pairs. Ask and answer whether you can or can't do the actions as shown in the pictures.
Answer - 
A. Can you swim in a swimming pool? 
B: Yes, I can swim in a swimming pool. 

A: Can you ride a horse? 
B: No, I can't ride a horse. 

A: Can you pay a madal? 
B: Yes, I can pay a madal.. 

A: Can you drive a car? 
B: No, I can't drive a car. 

A: Can you ride a bicycle? 
B: Yes, I can ride a bicycle. 

Grammar I
correct tag questions to the following statements.
a. isn't it ?
b. doesn't she?
c. will you?
d. haven't they?
e. do we?
f. aren't I?
g. shall we?
h. will you?
i. wouldn't they?
j. hadn't you?
k. could they?
l. hasn't he?
m. need you?
n. wouldn't we?

Writing I
Do yourself

Reading II
Answer the following questions.
a. Which sports do you play or do? Why?
Answer - I play football every day because it keeps us fit and fine, builds our 
stamina and keeps us healthy.

b. Why is sports important for us?
Answer -  Sports is important for us due to the following reasons:
  •  Sports helps us to keep our bones and muscles strong.
  • It helps us to keep us refresh and reenergized.. 
  • Sports promotes teamwork and sharing 
  • It increases cognitive brain function. 
  • It improves heartbeat and maintains blood pressure.


A. Complete the following sentences with these words.
Answer - 
a. impartial
b. career
c. adapted
d. recreation
e. unique

B. Choose the correct answer.
Answer - 
a. iii
b. ii
c. iv
d. iii
e. iii

D. What is your favourite sport? How might you make adaptations for people with a disabilities for this sport?
Answer - 
My favourite sport is cricket. I might make adaptations for wheelcha irusers for this sport in the following way: - I can modify some cricket rules and regulations to facilitate wheelchair players to take part in the sport. I can ask the donors to provide manual or electric wheelchairs for organizing the sport competition. I can ask the help from local bodies to assist in the organization of such programmes. I can encourage all wheelchair users of my area and nearby to actively take part in this sport. 

Class 9 English Guide
Unit - 16
Games and Sports Guide

Grammar II
A. Match the affirmative sentences in column A with their negatives in column B.
Answer - 
a. v
b. vii
c. i
d. vii
e. ii
f. iii
g. vi
h. iv

B. Change the following sentences into negative ones.
Answer -
Do yourself

Writing II
Answer -
Various people participate in different types of sports. Some people participate in sports for recreation whereas some participate in sports for a |living. Some sports, such as cricket, demand the usage of a lot of equipment, but others require relatively little in order to play a game. Others, such as |squash, tennis, badminton, and table tennis are frequently paid for an hourly |basis in the comfort of a local leisure centre.

Project work
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