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 Class 10 English Guide
Unit - 13
Organization Profile and Authority

Which organisations do these logos represent? Discuss why these organizations were established.
Answer - The first logo represents the NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) of Nepal. This organization was established to ensure the protection and practice of human rights in Nepal. Similarly, the second logo represents the SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation), which was established in order to maintain peace, prosperity and good socio-economic relation among the countries of South Asia. The third logo is of WHO (World Health Organization). WHO was established to promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable.

Reading I
Answer these questions.
a. What does ADB stand for?
Answer - ADB stands for Asian Development Bank. 

b. Does this organization work in Nepal?
Answer - ADB has developed a partnership with the government of Nepal since 1966 to help reduce poverty, raise incomes for farmers, marginalized women and other communities.

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Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

Short summary

The objectives of ADBI are to identify effective development strategies and improve the capacity for sound development of the agencies and organisations engaged in development work in ADB's developing member countries.

ADBI focuses its activities on areas where it has a strategic advantage, such as the analysis of emerging policy issues from regional as well as medium-to long-term perspectives, and the facilitation of policy dialogue among senior DMC policy makers.

ADBI provides intellectual input for policy makers in ADB's DMCs. It does so by conducting research with a focus on medium to long-term development issues of strategic importance and through capacity building and training.

Research Programme ADBI conducts high-level research on issues with strategic implications for development thinking and policy making in Asia and the Pacific.

These activities contribute to the development policy debate and help to identify effective development strategies and improve the capacity for sound development in the region.

Activities are designed to enhance awareness on the region's important development issues, introduce appropriate policy proposals to address them, and build consensus among policy makers and stakeholders on key priority areas.

ADBI's capacity building and training activities provide an effective forum for discussion and information sharing on effective development practices and country experiences.

A. Find the words from the text and solve the crossword puzzle.
Answer -
2. a medium where people exchange their opinions and idea - forum
3. a plan to achieve a particular purpose - strategy
4. utilisation of a decision - implication
6. a common opinion - consensus
7. a large official meeting - conference
8. view point - perspective

1. working with another group of people - collaboration
3. a meeting for discussion - seminar
5. a formal plan - proposal

B. Fill in the gaps with correct words/phrases from the text.
a. The under the direction of the ADB President.
Answer - Dean/ CEO

b. The organization emphasizes its activities in the areas where it has ......
Answer - a strategic advantage

c. It provides .......for policy makers in its developing member countries.
Answer - intellectual property 

d. The basis for research topics are ADB's ..................
Answer - priority sectors and themes

e. ADBI has close relations with various ............think tanks.
Answer -  national and regional

C. Answer the following questions.
a. What does ADBI stand for?
Answer - ADBI stands for Asian Development Bank Institute. 

b. Who is this organisation supported by?
Answer - ADUI is supported by an independent Advisory Council whose members serve for two years.

c. State any two objectives of ADBI.
Answer - Any two objectives of ADBI are: 
To identify effective development strategies. 
To improve the capacity for the sound development of the agencies and organisations engaged in development work in ADB's Developing Member Countries (DMC)

d. How does ADBI run its programmes?
Answer - Programmes and activities are held in-house as well as in ADB member countries in collaboration with international, regional, and national institutes and agencies.

e. What do the ADBI's research programmes contribute to?
Answer - ADBI's research programmes contribute to the development policy debate and help to identify effective development strategies and improve the capacity for sound development in the region.

f. What are the forms of ADBI's capacity-building and training programmes?
Answer - ADBI's capacity building and training activities are delivered in the form of policy dialogues, course-based training, and e-learning.

g. How does it distribute its research results and outputs?
Answer - ADBI broadly distributes its research results as well as training, seminar, and conference outputs through multiple channels, including media, publications, webpage and social media.

D. Name any three international organisations that are working in Nepal. Talk to your friends about their objectives and functions.
Answer - Any three international organizations that are working in Nepal with their objectives and functions are given below:
A. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) FAO was the first UN agency to start its work in Nepal in 1951, the year Nepal became its member. Since then, FAO Nepal has completed over 200 large and small national-level projects and programmes covering various aspects of agricultural and rural 
b). World Health Organization Office (WHO) The World Health Organization (WHO) is one of the se agencies of the UN system. According to its Constitution goal of WHO is the attainment by all people of the high possible level of health. United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) Guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC UNICEF advocates and works for the protection of children. rights, to help the young meet their basic needs and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. 

Class 10 English Guide
Unit - 13
Organization Profile and Authority

Grammar I
A. Make as many sentences as possible from the table below.
Answer -  
  • A rice cooker is for cooking rice. 
  • A washing machine is for washing clothes. 
  • She's got a driving license in order to drive a bus. 
  • She's got a driving license in order to drive a car. 
  • Mahanta took Maths in order to be a lecturer. 
  • Mahanta took Maths in order to be an engineer. 
  • Mahanta took Maths to be an engineer. 
  • Mina went to university in order to be a lecturer. 
  • Mina went to university to be an engineer.

B. Fill in the blanks with because/because of/so that/to/for/b although/in spite of.
Answer - 
a. Although
b. because of
c. In spite of
d. so that
e. to
f. for
g. because
h. for
i. because of
j. alou

Reading II
Answer the following questions.
a. When do you usually congratulate people?
Answer -  We usually congratulate people when they achieve something important 
or get success in their life.

b. Mention the occasions you have been congratulated.
Answer -  I've been congratulated on multiple occasions as: - when I became grade topper in the 8th grade. 

A. Find the words from the text and complete the sentences.
a. I really admire you for your .............. explanation.
Answer -  impressive

b. An ....... person can, no doubt, see many positive things at a glance.
Answer -  unbiased

c. The work was done with a professional ...................
Answer -  standard

d. Please make every .............. to arrive on time.
Answer - endeavors

e. Parents are ............ proud of their children’s achievements.
Answer -  justifiably

B. Answer the following questions.
a. Where does Anil Gurung live?
Answer - Anil Gurung lives in Changunarayan, Bhaktapur.

b. Why is Anil Gurung writing this letter?
Answer - Anil Gurung is writing this letter to congratulate Mrs. Rai on her  appointment to Chief Editor of The Nepal Times.

c. Why is her new position an opportunity for Mrs Rai?
Answer - The position is an opportunity for Mrs. Rai because it is a new position and she can set the standard for future chief editors to follow.

d. What does Anil Gurung expect from Mrs Rai as the chief editor?
Answer - Anil Gurung expects Mrs. Rai to provide unbiased news stories and articles as a Chief Editor.

e. How can you say that Anil Gurung is a helpful person?
Answer - We can say that Anil Gurung is a helpful person because he has asked Mrs. Rai to call him for assistance whenever needed.

f. What could be the relationship between Mrs Rai and Anil Gurung?
Answer - The relationship between Mrs. Rai and Anil Gurung may be of colleagues or friends.

C. Have you ever sent a letter of congratulations to anybody?Why did you send it? Share your experiences and feelings.
Answer - Yes, I have sent a letter of congratulations to my friend. I sent her the letter when she was appointed as a Branch Manager at Citizens Bank International. She started her journey as a Trainee Assistant and with rigorous hard work she was appointed as a Branch Manager within 2 her success and wished  moment of happiness for or achieving such a grandeur situations, she returned me responsible.

Grammar II
A. Join the following pairs of sentences with the connectives given in the brackets.
Answer - 
a. Despite being tired, I couldn't sleep. 
b. They are living happily even though they have little money. 
c. He went to the tap in order to bring a pail of water. 
d. Though the story was not very good, I enjoyed the film. 
e. In spite of living in the same colony, we hardly meet each other. 
f. I was not wet because I had an umbrella. 
g. Although the food was not very tasty, I ate it all. 
h. He went to the bank so that he could cash the cheque... 

Writing II
B. Write a message of congratulations to your neighbour who has received a full scholarship to complete his or her studies.
Answer - Congratulations on getting a well-deserved scholarship at one of the most prestigious universities in the country. We are very happy for you. It is great that you are being recognized for your hard work and dedication, as well as your dream has come true. Many ongratulations! We have no doubt that you will continue using your talent and hard work to do good at the university. We wish for your better future. 

C. Imagine that your uncle/aunt has been elected as the Mayor/ Chairperson of your Municipality or Rural Municipality.Write a formal message of congratulations to him/her to be published in a newspaper.
Do yourself

Project work
Answer -
PICTURE OF Hellen Keller International Nepal Hellen Keller International Nepal is an international non-profit organization (INGO) working in health and nutrition in Nepal since 1989 to improve the nutritional status of women and young children through evidence-base research and programs. 
HKI-N works to improve the sight and lives of the vulnerable by combating the causes and consequences of blindness, poor health and malnutrition through public health approaches, building the capacity of organizations and contributing to policy changes through systems strengthening and operations research. 

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