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Unit 4 Technology
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Unit 4



 A. Choose the correct words from the box to complete the following sentences. 

freight levitation gridlock pneumatic predecessor envisioned equivalent subsonic turbulence deceleration 

a. I think that covering up the facts is Equivalent to lying really.

b. If there is not a substantial move to public transport, we will have declaration and the whole regeneration will not work.

c. Each new leader would blame his predecessor for all the evils of the past.

d. We have, in fact, envisioned a better world and have made it happen.

e. The main linear actuators of the Pneumatic systems are cylinders.

f. The barrel was short and the bullet emerged at subsonic speed.

g. The city is said to receive two-fifths of the total freight delivered in the country.

h. It would still take four hours to get down, in a spiral of gridlock.

i.  Apparently, the magician will be doing some Levitation on the\stage tomorrow.

j.  We might be experiencing some Turbulence on this flight due to an approaching electrical storm.

B. Add three more words that are formed with the following prefixes. 

a. hyper- : hyperloop, hypersensitive, hyperlipidaemia, hyperinflation.

b. ultra- : ultrahigh, ultralight, ultrashort, ultrabasic, ultrafiche.

c. up-: uphill, Upwork, upside, uplift

d. over-: overcoming, overwhelm, overdrunk, oversized

e. multi-: multibillion, multinational, multicultural, multiply


 Answer the following questions.

 a. What is a hyperloop? How does it work? 

Answer 👉 A hyperloop is a proposed mode of transportation that uses a near-vacuum tube to transport passengers or cargo at high speeds. It works by using magnetic levitation to lift and propel a pod through the tube, with little air resistance, which reduces friction and allows the pod to reach speeds of up to 760 miles per hour.

b. How is hyperloop more beneficial than the traditional trains? 

Answer 👉 Hyperloop is more beneficial than traditional trains because it is faster, more efficient, and has the potential to be more environmentally friendly. It can transport people and goods at high speeds over long distances, with minimal energy consumption and without producing harmful emissions.

c. Does hyperloop have a successful history? How? 

Answer 👉 Hyperloop is still in the development stage and has not been implemented on a large scale yet. However, several companies and organizations are working on developing and testing the technology.

d. Write the contributions of Robert Goddard and Elon Musk for the development of hyperloop.

Answer 👉 Robert Goddard is credited with developing the concept of a vacuum-sealed tube for high-speed transportation in the early 20th century. Elon Musk has also contributed to the development of hyperloop by proposing the idea and supporting research and development through companies such as SpaceX and The Boring Company.

e. What relation does speed have with air resistance? Explain. 

Answer 👉 Speed has a direct relation to air resistance, as the faster an object moves through the air, the more resistance it encounters. This is because the air molecules are pushed out of the way, creating a force that opposes the motion of the object. In the case of hyperloop, reducing air resistance is critical to achieving high speeds and reducing energy consumption.

f. What are hyperloop capsules compared with? How are they similar? 

Answer 👉 Hyperloop capsules are often compared to airplanes in terms of their speed and potential to revolutionize transportation. They are similar in that they both rely on advanced technology to reduce air resistance and increase speed.

g. How do the passengers feel while travelling via hyperloop? What will be done to make it luxurious? 

Answer 👉 Passengers in a hyperloop pod will experience high speeds and acceleration, but the pods are designed to minimize the impact of these factors on the passengers. To make the experience more luxurious, designers are exploring ways to incorporate amenities such as comfortable seating, entertainment, and views of the passing landscape.

h. Why does the writer doubt the success of hyperloop? What does success depend on? 

Answer 👉 The writer may doubt the success of hyperloop due to the significant technical and logistical challenges involved in implementing the technology on a large scale. The success of hyperloop will depend on factors such as the cost of construction and maintenance, regulatory approval, and public acceptance.

Critical thinking

a. Is the hyperloop the future of transportation or just a dream? What do you think? Justify your opinion with suitable reasons. 

Answer 👉 In my perspective, the hyperloop represents the future of transportation. Elon Musk's Hyperloop idea was heralded as a "futuristic mass transit system" when it initially surfaced in 2013. The most amazing thing about the Hyperloop is how the box floats in the tubes and travels barely a few millimeters above the ground. In addition to cutting down on travel times between cities, it is anticipated that it will also be more economical and ecologically friendly than current means of transportation. It will move from one end to the other at supersonic speeds using pneumatic steel tubes.

But the Hyperloop faces significant difficulties. First, not all sorts of travelers will find the development of the Hyperloop to be cost-effective because to its high cost. Even while the companies involved are eager to showcase the technology's potential, it is still in the testing stage. Although this new technology is appealing, it will take time for it to reach its full potential. If entrepreneurs and inventors are successful in their endeavors, this might be a future mode of transportation. We have always been able to build and control anything, both in the past and the present. So, in my opinion, transportation might be revolutionized by hyperloops.

b. The number of private vehicles is increasing day by day in Nepal beyond the capacity of our infrastructure. What do you think should be done to curb the ever-growing number of private vehicles? Discuss.

Answer 👉 To curb the ever-growing number of private vehicles in Nepal, several measures can be taken. Firstly, the government can invest in and improve public transportation infrastructure, including buses and trains, to provide reliable and affordable alternatives to private vehicles. Additionally, the government can implement policies to encourage the use of electric vehicles by providing incentives such as tax breaks or subsidies. Encouraging carpooling and promoting the use of bicycles and other non-motorized transportation options can also help to reduce the number of private vehicles on the road. Finally, strict enforcement of traffic laws, including parking regulations and speed limits, can discourage people from using their private vehicles excessively.


B. Rewrite the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the brackets.

a. The invitation is for one person. I don’t mind whether you or she (come) to the party.

Answer 👉 The invitation is for one person. I don’t mind whether you or she comes to the party.

b. Neither the MPs nor the Prime Minister (have) felt regret for the party split.

Answer 👉 Neither the MPs nor the Prime Minister has felt regret for the party split.

c. I don’t care whether he or she (win) the lottery.

Answer 👉 I don’t care whether he or she wins the lottery.

d.  Either the Kantipur or the Republica (be) used for the advertisement.

Answer 👉 Either Kantipur or the Republica is used for the advertisement.

e. She speaks in a strange accent. Neither I nor my sister (understand) her.

Answer 👉 She speaks in a strange accent. Neither I nor my sister understands her.

f.I forgot whether the singers or the actress (be) given the Film Fair Award last year.

Answer 👉 I forgot whether the singers or the actress were given the Film Fair Award last year.

g.  Neither the tracksuit nor the pajamas (fit) me perfectly.

Answer 👉 Neither the tracksuit nor the pajamas fit me perfectly.

h. Neither the gas fire nor the electric heaters (be) suitable for room heating.

Answer 👉 Neither the gas fire nor the electric heaters are suitable for room heating.

C. This passage contains the agreement errors. Correct the subjects or verbs that don’t agree with each other. Remember to use present tense in your corrections. 

Corrected Passage-

Answer 👉

Within the state of Arizona, Rob, along with his family, moves frequently from city to city. After his arrival, one of his first tasks was to find an apartment close to work, as he did not have a car. Usually, there are many different places to choose from, and he considers cost, location, and luxury. If one apartment has a washing machine and dryer and costs four hundred dollars a month, he prefers to rent it over another apartment which has significantly less rent and is located two blocks from a Laundromat. Rob's family never wanted to live in an apartment on the thirteenth floor, since all of them fear heights. He also tried to choose an apartment with a landlord recommended by former tenants. Everybody knows that it is important to find a responsible landlord. Rob and his wife love to cook together when both are free, so they need a spacious, well-equipped kitchen. Rob often looks for a place with an air conditioner because there are so many scorching days and nights in Arizona. Whenever Rob finds a new apartment, all of his concerns disappear. He felt relieved and called his mother. Someone understands!

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