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Class 11 English

Section - I

Unit - 12


Ways with words

A. Find the meanings of the following words and phrases from a dictionary and make sentences by using them.

Answer 👉 

"Peep into" means to take a quick and secretive look at something.

Example: I couldn't resist peeking into the gift box before the birthday party.

"Pop down" means to make a brief visit or to quickly drop in somewhere.

Example: I will pop down to the shop to buy some milk.

"Remarkable" means worthy of attention, surprising or exceptional.

Example: The view from the top of the mountain was simply remarkable.

"Hedge" means a barrier of bushes or trees planted close together, typically to separate areas of land or to mark the boundary of a property.

Example: The garden was surrounded by a tall hedge to keep out the noise from the street.

"Wonder" means to feel curiosity, amazement or surprise.

Example: She couldn't help but wonder about the strange noise she heard in the middle of the night.

"Tumble" means to fall or collapse suddenly, typically in an uncontrolled and awkward manner.

Example: The vase tumbled off the shelf and shattered into pieces.

"Doze off" means to fall asleep, especially for a short time or unintentionally.

Example: She couldn't help but doze off during the boring lecture.

"Earnestly" means showing or characterized by sincere and intense conviction.

Example: She worked earnestly to finish the project before the deadline.

"Tiny" means very small or miniature in size.

Example: The kitten was so tiny that it fit in the palm of her hand.

"Creep" means to move slowly and quietly, especially in order to avoid being noticed or to approach someone or something stealthily.

Example: The thief crept into the house through the open window.

B. Match the words below with their opposites.

Answer 👉 

a. beginning 👉 ending

b. stupid 👉 clever

c. natural 👉 artificial

d. disappointment 👉 happiness

e. ignorant 👉 educated

f. anxiously 👉 calmly

Class 11 English Notes and soluction


A. Answer these questions.

a. What did Alice do while her sister was reading a book?

Answer 👉 Alice saw a white rabbit running by and followed him out of curiosity.

b. Why did Alice run across the field after the Rabbit?

Answer 👉  Alice ran after the Rabbit because she wanted to know where he was going.

c. Why didn’t she like to drop the jar? What did she do with it?

Answer 👉 She didn't like to drop the jar because she thought it would break. Instead, she put it in her pocket.

d. What idea came to her mind when she saw a tiny golden key?

Answer 👉 When Alice saw the tiny golden key, she had the idea that it might unlock something important.

e. What was written on the bottle that she found? Did she follow what it said?

Answer 👉  The bottle Alice found had "DRINK ME" written on it. She drank from the bottle and it made her smaller.

f. Alice was fond of pretending to be two people. Who were they?

Answer 👉 Alice was fond of pretending to be the Red Queen and the White Queen.

g. Why did she want to eat the cake that she found?

Answer 👉 She wanted to eat the cake because she thought it might help her change size again.

B. Put these sentences in the right order as they happen in the story.

Answer 👉 

f. Alice saw a White Rabbit and ran after him.

c. Alice fell down a rabbit hole.

b. Alice found a small key and unblocked a very small door.

d. Alice drank something from a bottle and got very small door.

e. Alice tried to climb a table leg to get the key again.

a. Alice ate a small cake, which said “EAT ME”

Critical thinking

a. “Down the rabbit hole” is a sort of writing called fantasy. On the basis of your reading of the story point out some special elements of this kind of writing?

Answer 👉 Some of the special elements of fantasy writing in "Down the Rabbit Hole" include talking animals, a dream-like setting, and unexpected twists and turns in the narrative. In this story, Alice finds herself in a strange and fantastical world, where objects change size, time flows unpredictably, and logic is often turned on its head. This creates a sense of wonder and unpredictability that is characteristic of the fantasy genre.

b. Is it good to imagine of things which are not possible to achieve in reality? Explain.

Answer 👉 Whether or not it is good to imagine things that are not possible in reality is a subjective matter and can depend on individual perspectives. On one hand, imagination and creative thinking can be a way to explore new ideas and escape the constraints of reality. This can be a valuable source of inspiration and can allow one to think outside the box. On the other hand, if one becomes too caught up in their fantasies and unable to separate them from reality, it could lead to disappointment and an unhealthy outlook on life.

c. Do you talk to yourself when you are in a trouble? If yes, how does it help you?

Answer 👉 Talking to oneself can be a way to help regulate emotions, process information, and solve problems. When people are in trouble, they may find it helpful to think things through out loud. This allows them to hear their own thoughts and reflections and can provide a clearer picture of the situation. Additionally, when people talk to themselves, they can create a dialogue with their inner selves and explore different options and perspectives.


a. Narrate, in short, a folktale that you have read or heard.

Answer 👉 One folktale that I am familiar with is "The Tortoise and the Hare." In this story, a hare boasts about his speed and dismisses the slow-moving tortoise, but ultimately loses a race to the determined tortoise who takes his time and wins by not getting overconfident. This story teaches the lesson of slow and steady wins the race and not to be arrogant.

b. Describe a strange dream that you have seen recently.

Answer 👉 


B. Express your wishes in the following situations in three different ways. Use I wish/If only…….

Answer 👉 

a. You don’t have a mobile phone (You need one).

– I wish I talked to my father about it.

– I wish I could buy one myself.

– I wish somebody would gift me one.

b. You don’t know the answer of a question from the lesson.

– I wish my frend told me the answer.

– I wish my teacher would help me.

– I wish I could read the lesson properly.

c. You can’t play the guitar.

– I wish I brought a guitar lesson book.

– I wish someone would teach me guitar chords.

– I wish I could go to the guitar expert’s.

d. It’s cold.

– I wish I drank hot water.

– I wish my mother would burn some firewood.

– I wish I could stay inside the house.

e. You are feeling sick.

– I wish I were healthy.

– I wish somebody would call a doctor.

– I wish I could go to hospital.

f. You live in a crowded city.

– I wish I lived in the country.

– I wish the city would be peaceful.

– I wish I could spend a couple of weeks far from the city.

g. You feel lonely.

– I wish I listened to my favourite music.

– I wish my friend would phone me.

– I wish I could do the household works.

C. Rewrite the following sentences making correction if necessary.

Answer 👉 

a. I wish my father bought me a bike.

I wish my father bought me a bike.

b. I wish I would write poems.

I wish I could write poems.

c. I wish I could remember her name.

I wish I could remember her name.

d. I wish I had a god job.

I wish I had a god job.

e. I wish I would be rich.

I wish I were rich.

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