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 Section II : Literature

Unit 2 Poems

Class 11 English

Chapter - 1

Corona Says


Answer 👉 

The poem "Corona Says" by Vishnu S. Rai is a reflection on humanity and its relationship with the natural world. The speaker, who takes on the voice of the coronavirus, addresses human beings and tells them to stop crying and cursing the virus. The speaker explains that they did not come of their own free will but were invited, and that they are merely trying to show humanity the consequences of their actions.

The speaker questions the notion that humans are the "crown of creation" and wonders about the lives of other beings, such as animals and plants, that also inhabit the earth. The speaker also points out that the earth is not just humanity's property, but belongs to all creatures as well.

The speaker says that they are not there to give humanity a test, but rather to allow the earth to have a rest from human destruction. The speaker also warns that there are many other viruses like them, and if humanity does not change its ways, they will continue to face such challenges in the future.

In conclusion, the poem is a call to action for humanity to reflect on its actions and to consider the impact they have on the environment and other beings. The poem encourages humanity to rid itself of its ego and to consider the earth and its inhabitants as fellow inhabitants of the planet.

Answer the following questions.

a. Who is the speaker in the poem?

Answer 👉 The speaker in the poem "Corona Says" by Vishnu S. Rai is the coronavirus itself. The speaker takes on the voice of the virus and addresses humanity in the first person.

b. Who claim that they are superior to all?

Answer 👉 In the poem "Corona Says" by Vishnu S. Rai, humanity claims that they are superior to all other beings on earth. The speaker, taking on the voice of the coronavirus, questions this notion and points out that humans consider themselves to be "the crown of creation". The speaker asks about the lives and well-being of other creatures such as animals, plants, and sources of oxygen, and suggests that humans see them as mere slaves to be sold or killed at will.

c. Why has the speaker come to the Earth?

Answer 👉 The speaker has come to Earth as a result of the abuse of nature by people.

d. What positive changes have occurred on Earth after the speaker's visit?

Answer 👉 After the speaker’s visit, the sky has been clean without dust and smoke. People have felt like caged animals do in a zoo. The disease has allowed the earth to have a little rest.

Reference to the context 

a. What does the speaker mean when he says:
But have you ever counted
How many have died so far
Because of you and your wars?
Answer 👉 The speaker is asking the listeners to consider how many lives have been lost due to human conflict and war. He is suggesting that humans should reflect on their actions and the consequences they have had on the world and its inhabitants.

b. Explain the following:
I will depart one day.
But remember
There’re many others like me.
They’ll come too.
If you don’t get rid of your inflated ego,
You’ll be back to your cave time
That you endured
Long, l o n g, l o n g ago …
Answer 👉  In these lines, the speaker is warning that there will be other similar events or disasters that will come if humans don't change their ways. The speaker is suggesting that humans need to get rid of their egoistic attitudes and act more responsibly towards the planet and its other inhabitants. If they don't, they will eventually face similar consequences as they did in the past, possibly reverting back to a more primitive state.

c. What does the speaker mean in the following lines? Explain.
The earth is not your property alone -
It’s as much ours as yours
Answer 👉  In these lines, the speaker is suggesting that the Earth is not just the property of humans, but also of other living beings and nature. The speaker is advocating for a more equitable and sustainable relationship between humans and the planet, where humans recognize and respect the rights and needs of other forms of life.

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