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 Section II : Literature

Unit 3 Essays

Class 11 English

Chapter - 3

What I Require from Life


Answer 👉 

The writer is reflecting on their life and their personal values and beliefs. They were born in a peaceful time but have been living in a heroic age and see no prospect of living in a peaceful time again. They believe that happiness comes from hard but interesting work and the ability to choose their own work. They also believe in freedom of speech, good health, and friendship with equals. They desire adventure, a room of their own, books, a motor-car, and a daily bath.

As a socialist, the writer is concerned about the issues of unemployment and dull work. They believe that work should be controlled by the workers and that industry should provide a healthy and enjoyable work environment. The writer also wants to see an end to class and gender inequalities, which they believe can only be achieved through a revolution in the economic field. They are a socialist because they want to see everyone enjoy the same advantages that they have. They know that socialism won't solve all the problems immediately, but they believe in working towards a better future.

Understanding the text

Answer the following questions.

a. How does the writer distinguish between a peaceful age and a heroic age?

Answer 👉 The writer distinguishes between a peaceful age and a heroic age by making a comparison between them. He recalls his birth time a peaceful age and the time of 1914, when the First World War took place as heroic age.

b. Why does the writer want more freedom of speech than most people?

Answer 👉 The author desires greater freedom of expression than the majority of people to express and justify his opinions on society. He wants the right to free speech so that he may inform the public about concerns like the low quality of certain foods, beverages, and publications.

c. According to the writer, what are the four general human needs?

Answer 👉 According to the writer the four general human needs are work, freedom of speech, health and friendship.

d. What is the difference between desire and demand according to the writer?

Answer 👉 According to the writer the difference between desire and demand is that the demand is related with the basic needs of life like food, clothes and shelter but desire includes things which improve living standard. The writer talks about car, garden, bathing pool and nearby beach as desires.

e. Why does the writer demand security?

Answer 👉 Because security is a crucial necessity for a person to have a happy existence, the author wants it. He lived at a time of conflict and anarchy, a time when many people's lives were in danger. He thus requests security.

Reference to the context

Explain the following lines with reference to the context:

a. “The satisfaction of adventure is something much more solid than a thrill.”

Answer 👉  The author believes that adventure is not only about emotions, but also about satisfaction in performing a creative activity. It enriches people with solid experience. He compares thrill with amusement he has got from reading Rimbaud’s poetry. He served on the war front in Madrid for six months and looked forward to read a book of Rimbaud’s poetry for a thrill.

b. “I want the workers to see the fruit of their own work not in profits for others, but in their own and their friends’ well-being.”

Answer 👉 The line demonstrates the author's commitment to socialism. He contends that those who work hard should receive a significant amount of direct compensation. His preference is for democracy in the workplace. He is a socialist who favors worker control of business. They ought to have the freedom to labor and divide any profits among themselves. He contrasts industrial work's nature with that of farming and hunting in the Paleothitic and Neolithitic periods. The earnings from labour should be distributed equally among all employees in order to foster a pleasant workplace environment.

c. Why do you think the essayist has taken reference from the ancient philosophers?

Answer 👉 I think the essayist has taken reference from the ancient philosopher like Aristotle, Lord Blan, Mr. Dash, and Sir John Asterisk to support his ideas and convince the readers about his idea of decent work and death.

d. Discuss the essay in terms of its language, purpose, subject, point of view and mode of writing.

Answer 👉 The article uses clear, concise language. Haldane's mannerisms are often direct and forceful. As a science popularizer, he is used to explaining complicated concepts in straightforward terms so that any reader may grasp them. He maintains this simplicity here while writing on a non-technical issue, using succinct, powerful, declarative words and precise explanations.

His topic first seems to be personal and so comprised of descriptive prose. The second section of his article, however, makes it obvious that he is making a political argument. He argues that freedom should not just be Haldane's personal choice but also a fundamental human right. This implies that society should be set up to maximize everyone's level of freedom.

His viewpoint is that of a social critic, setting forth a general program of the principles that should underlie to a civilized society.

Reference beyond the text

a. What do you require from your life to be happy and satisfied?

Answer 👉 I require good health, a job, friendship, freedom & security from my life to be happy and satisfied.

b. What is socialism? How is it different from capitalism?

Answer 👉 Socialism is a system of social and economic equality in which private property and ownership are not prioritized. It differs from capitalism because capitalism does not provide economic equality. Unlike socialism, capitalism ignores people’s needs and does not promote equal opportunity.

c. Write an essay about your dream house.

Answer 👉 
My dream house is a place where I can truly be myself and feel at home. It's not just a physical structure, but a sanctuary where I can find peace, comfort, and happiness.

I envision my dream house to be a spacious two-story building, with a warm and inviting design. It would be surrounded by a lush green garden, filled with flowers, trees, and a small pond. The exterior would be made of natural stone and wood, giving it a rustic and charming feel.

Stepping inside, I see an open-plan living room and kitchen, filled with natural light from large windows that overlook the garden. The living room would have a cozy fireplace and comfortable seating, perfect for snuggling up with a good book on a lazy afternoon. The kitchen would have a large island, modern appliances, and plenty of storage space for all my cooking and baking needs.

The bedrooms would be located on the second floor, each with its own unique style and character. My bedroom would be a peaceful oasis, with a comfortable king-sized bed and an en suite bathroom. I would love to have a bathtub where I could soak and unwind after a long day. There would also be a guest room, a study, and a craft room, where I can pursue my creative passions.

One of the highlights of my dream house would be an indoor swimming pool. I would love to be able to swim year-round, no matter the weather. The pool would be surrounded by comfortable lounge chairs and a small bar, perfect for hosting pool parties and gatherings with friends and family.

Lastly, my dream house would be equipped with the latest technology and amenities, making it a smart home that is both eco-friendly and energy efficient. I would have a home automation system that would allow me to control lighting, heating, and cooling with just a touch of a button.

In conclusion, my dream house is not just a physical structure, but a symbol of my hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It would be a place where I can create memories, live life to the fullest, and find happiness.

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